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Medevac Helps K-9 Beat Death For The Second Time

Written by: Scott H
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| Published on January 20, 2020

The work that dogs can do is absolutely mind-blowing. Take 6-year-old Kylie for example. She’s a cadaver dog that works with D.C Fire and EMS. Her passion is helping bring closure to families after a tragedy. Kylie has a superhero nose and bravery that is unwavering, as you’ll soon find out.

Train Like Your Life Depends On It Because It Does

The number one rule first responders live by is safety. But, even if you take all precautions known to man (and dog), accidents will still happen. Kylie knows this firsthand. reported that Kylie and her handler, Sergeant Gene Ryan, were executing a search off the George Washington Parkway in Virginia when the unthinkable happened. They were helping the U.S. Park Police at the time. As Kylie trudged through the area, a hidden fence had impaled her leg! The pair weren’t near anybody that could transport them to get help. Brave Kylie was losing blood fast. Sergeant Ryan’s heart sank as he feared the worst.


Kylie was flirting with death when her human companions saved the day. Their training kicked in and the group did what they do best: Thought fast to save a life! A medevac helicopter was called in just for Kylie! A U.S. Park Police chopper landed on the road so that Kylie’s life could be saved. After all, she is part of their first responder family.

Kylie was transported to Friendship Hospital for Animals in Tenleytown where she received life-saving care and some pretty awesome bandages. After three surgeries and just two short weeks, she eventually made a full recovery and returned back to work so that she could keep bringing closure to families.


Kylie’s First Brush With Death Came Five Years Earlier

This tail-waggin’ hero has a pretty cool rags-to-riches type story. Kylie was rescued from a kill shelter by Sergeant Ryan when she was just a year old. She was on the list to be euthanized because of a genetic defect but Sergeant Ryan saw the potential she had. Because of Kylie’s disability, some of her teeth never grew in. This meant that she could never be a police K-9 but that didn’t mean she couldn’t be handpicked for something else just as honorable.


Sergeant Ryan trained her to be one of the best cadaver dogs around. Together the pair expanded the cadaver dog program within the department, bringing a vital service to their community.

“We train five or six days a week, two to three hours a day and so she remains proficient. Kylie can detect human hair, teeth, up to 50 [cubic centimeters] of blood,” Sergeant Ryan told

Sweet Kylie was six at the time of the accident and she had worked for the fire department for five years. Kylie and Sergeant Ryan have done amazing work for their community! They have even been honored with the “Excellence in Public Service” award.


Featured Photo: @DCFireAndEMS/Facebook

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