Meet Jake! The Cutest Avalanche Patrol Dog!

The town of Vail in Eagle County Colorado is famous for its ski resorts. Their economy relies heavily on the tourists who visit for the famous winter sport activities. But with the fun and enjoyment that comes with the snowy mountains, also comes the dangers of an avalanche and people getting lost in the snowy mountains. So to ensure the safety of the tourists, and in addition to the safety guidelines they give to the people, they also employ avalanche patrol dogs!

One of their canine employees is Jake, a yellow Labrador puppy who is in training to be the next Vail patrol dog. He is the most adorable patrol dog I have ever seen! Jake is training to save lives, and when he grows up, his job is gonna be a very serious and very important one. But for now, playful little Jake is having fun in the snow while he’s in training! Watch this little cutie dashing and playing in the snow during his training!

Jake is working with his trainer, Matt Whalen to master obedience skills, get used to riding chairlifts and train in avalanche rescue

You can know more about Jake and his training at

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