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Dog Bound To Fence By Callous Owner Manages To See The Good In People

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on May 16, 2024

Every dog deserves love, a roof over their heads, and a family that always appreciates them. Yet, there are animals that suffer because of callous owners who don’t value them. Abandonment is one of the cruelest things one can do, and no dog should ever have to endure that kind of heartbreak. Despite this, we see countless stories like this one and it tears at every fiber in our bodies. When Mia was left by her owner in the dead of night, she was clueless and frightened. She was tied to a fence with a small blanket, some food, and water.

Jersey Pits Rescue/Facebook

Her owner disappeared, leaving Mia in the darkness, waiting and hoping for him to return but that never happened. Fortunately, kind-hearted individuals noticed Mia’s plight and acted swiftly. Yasmin, a dedicated volunteer from Jersey Pits Rescue in New Jersey, came to Mia’s rescue, deeply moved by her situation. Thankfully, this adorable Pittie was so amiable that she quickly warmed up to Yasmin, wagging her tail and flashing a grateful smile. It seemed she sensed that things were about to get better. And they did!

Since it was late at night, Yasmin had already prepared a blanket and a pillow, choosing to spend the night with Mia in her car. The two spent the night bonding over tasty treats that Mia loved. The following morning, Mia received a flea treatment and was welcomed into a temporary home—Yasmin’s house.

Jersey Pits Rescue/Facebook

“Mia is the sweetest, most precious little soul we have ever met. We have no idea how a dog that was abandoned in this way can still be so resilient and loving,” the rescue expressed in a Facebook post.

Mia quickly settled into her new environment. It was clear she had been a well-loved pet previously, evidenced by her impeccable manners and excellent social skills.

“She is very low maintenance and happy just to be around her people. She walks nicely on a leash, takes treats gently, and absolutely LOVES kids! Mia does not mind being in her crate and knows to use the bathroom outside,” the rescue added.

Jersey Pits Rescue/Facebook

Mia was exceptionally affectionate towards everyone and showed no issues with Yasmin’s cat or other animals. Mia was undeniably a lover, especially adored by children. All Mia had ever wanted was attention, and now she had it in abundance. Within days, the rescue introduced her to her foster dad, David, who was eager to meet his new companion.

At their first meeting, Mia ran to David and instantly bonded with him. She was inseparable from him, clearly favoring him above all others, which led to what is known in the rescue community as a “foster fail.” David and his family could not bear the thought of separating from Mia and decided to make her a permanent member of their family.


Mia now lives a life full of adventures and love with her favorite humans. The best part is she never has to fear being abandoned again. Her days of uncertainty are over, replaced by a future filled with nothing but happiness.


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