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Dog Mom Goes All Out To Throw Her Pup A Minion-Themed Birthday Bash

Written by: Stephanie Maguire
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| Published on October 12, 2022

When the time of year rolls around that our furry family members were born or rescued from the shelter, some pet parents really want to go all out to celebrate. 

After all, what would life be like without the furry loves of our lives? Recently, one doggie mama threw a Minion-themed birthday bash for her baby boy, and the video she posted is going viral.


It’s obvious by the recent video clip posted by Tik Tok user @Hannahwantsdj that she absolutely adores her furry “son” Ivor. (In fact, that’s exactly what she calls him in the video’s caption.)

I mean, only the most doting doggie mama would go through so much trouble to spoil her sweet sidekick like this. As the viral video begins, the “Despicable Me” theme song is playing in the background. Then, the viewer is given a tour of the elaborate Minion-themed decorations.

There are matching balloons, banners, napkins, tablecloths, and party hats decorating every square inch of the space. And even the doggie desserts were made to match the “Minion” theme.

Once we’re given a tour of all of the gorgeous decorations, the video shows Ivor’s mom holding his beautifully decorated cake as partygoers sing him the classic “Happy Birthday” song from off-screen. She, too, matches the Minion theme and is dressed in an adorable costume that coordinates with Ivor’s blue birthday bandana. 

Waiting for cake

It was obvious by his behavior that sweet Ivor could barely contain his excitement, as his mom had to keep reminding him to “stay” as they sang. He can’t keep his eyes off his cake, and who could blame him? His cake looks absolutely amazing! 

The video ends as Ivor’s mom removes the decorations that were stuck in his cake and then lowers it down to the birthday boy. Confetti comes across the screen as we are left to wonder whether he devours it all in only a few bites or if his mom slices it up and serves it. 

Ivor with melty cake

Between all the elaborately coordinated decorations and an adorably excited birthday boy, it’s no wonder why this video has gone viral. With all the doom and gloom in our social media scrolls, this video is exactly the kind of smile-inducing content that so many of us need to see. 

We simply can’t get enough of all this cuteness. Happy fifth birthday, Ivor! Looks like you really hit the jackpot, getting to live life alongside such a loving mama!

You can check out the full-length viral video below.

@hannahwantsdj No but really, wait for it… Happy Birthday Ivor. I love you son. ❤️ #dogsoftiktok #dogbirthday #dogbirthdayparty #dogsarebetterthanhumans ♬ original sound – hannah_wants

Featured Photo: Instagram 

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