Minor League Team’s “Bat Dog” Decides To Go For The Ball, Instead

No matter what they do, our dogs are so sweet and good-natured, we can’t help but laugh when they make an innocent mistake!

Rookie is a gorgeous Golden Retriever who has the important job of “bat dog” for the Trenton Thunder, a minor league baseball team based out of New Jersey. Normally, Rookie runs on the field to fetch stray bats, but this week – and true to dog-fetching form – he went straight for the baseballs!

In the video below, you’ll see the happy-go-lucky Goldie trot past the bats and right up to the pitcher, who was happy to reward him with his prize:

And even though the pooch has been fetching bats since he was a pup, there was something about those balls that he found irresistible.

But regardless of the Rookie’s silly snafu, a Minor League Baseball Twitter post reiterated that he is “still a good dog.”

Fans of the team undoubtedly love cheering Rookie on, along with their favorite players.

We love your spirit, Rookie – don’t ever change!

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