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Motorcycle Riding Corgi “Woofs Out” Against Bullying

| Published on July 14, 2022

When I tell you there’s a Corgi who rides around town on the back of a motorcycle, you’re already impressed. But what if I tell you that awesome dog also teaches kids how to deal with bullying?

It’s all true. Enzo, a 2-year-old Corgi, rides around Houston, Texas on a motorcycle with his human dad Brandon Renteria spreading joy and positivity. He wears goggles for protection and best of all, a cape like the superhero he is.


A True Biker Dog

Enzo started riding when he was just 6 months old. He’s extremely content to be resting [safely secured] on his dad’s back. According to Renteria, it only took a few weeks to get Enzo comfortable with the safety gear and the sound and feel of a motorcycle.

The pup loves being on the motorcycle with dad, feeling the breeze and sniffing the sniffs, and Renteria says he never gets tired of people being excited to see a motorcycle-riding dog. As you can probably imagine, people stop to take pictures of them on the road all the time. Snap away, Renteria says.


Enzo is the chillest dog, and he’s also effortlessly cool on the back of a motorcycle. You can see more videos of Enzo atop his sick ride on TikTok and Instagram.

Enzo’s Anti-Bullying Advocacy

Often when these two get on a bike together, they’re heading out to do some anti-bullying advocacy. The pair visits schools, using the calming energy of a dog to teach children confidence. In an interview with Houston Life, Renteria explained:

“These kids really need help and they need someone to be a voice for them because a lot of them, they’re actually afraid to speak up for themselves. Sometimes the parents, they don’t know how to approach their children about the situations.”


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They also offer Enzo-style capes to the kids, and talk to them about how to cope with bullying and how to prevent it from happening to others. Bullying is an important issue to Renteria, and Enzo is always glad to help out.

If you live in their area, you can reach out to Enzo and his dad to have them visit your child’s school. Check out the Enzo Rides website for more information.

Featured Image: Instagram