Foster Dad Brings Senior Pit Bull Home & She’s Now Aging In Reverse

Zach, a man with a giant heart, heard about a senior Pit Bull in the local shelter. Zach went to the shelter to meet her. She was struggling and shook like a leaf. He actually said her body was vibrating. The poor dog was overwhelmed and desperately needed a foster home.

Screenshot via YouTube

The Pittie went home with Zach the same day and he named her Mrs. Gray. The dog spent her first night sleeping right beside his daughter Emmie’s crib. Zach says in the video that this was likely the best night’s sleep Mrs. Gray ever got. Soon after, Mrs. Gray became very attached to Zach’s kids as well as her new foster dad.

Screenshot via YouTube

Miraculously as Mrs. Gray became more comfortable with the family, it appeared the senior Pit was aging backward. She had a pep in her step, for sure. She started to run around and play. It was an amazing thing to witness. The once petrified dog even spent one of her first days showering Zach with kisses, as if she were saying thank you.

Mrs. Gray’s story is one for the books! The senior is still looking for a forever home. Please watch the video for more information on how to adopt the deserving pup.

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