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‘Mysterious’ Car Zooms Through Neighborhood Blaring Animal Noises Goes Viral

Written by: Russel Moneva
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| Published on May 15, 2024

Residents of Roosevelt Island, typically a serene residential area in New York City, have recently encountered an odd and unsettling issue. For the past several weeks, a series of loud noises mimicking farm animals—ranging from cow moos to rooster crows and horse neighs—have been disrupting the peace. These sounds, oddly enough, originate not from an actual farm but from a moving vehicle. Reports indicate that these noises increase in volume as a certain black muscle car approaches and then gradually fade as it moves away, suggesting that the noises are being broadcast from within the vehicle itself. This unusual auditory occurrence has sparked both curiosity and annoyance among the island’s residents.


The noise appears to peak in volume as a particular vehicle, described by eyewitnesses as a black muscle car, approaches and then diminishes as it passes by. This pattern suggests that the sounds are being broadcast from speakers within the car, which has been observed making rounds on the island at various times throughout the day. This phenomenon has not only piqued the curiosity of the residents but also caused considerable annoyance due to its random and disruptive nature.


The issue first came to light about two years ago but was infrequent initially. However, since last summer, the occurrences have become more regular and intrusive, leading to increased complaints from the community. Despite efforts to identify the driver, the individual remains unknown, and there is widespread speculation that they are not a resident of Roosevelt Island.


This ongoing disturbance has left many in the community baffled and eager for resolution. While some residents find the situation somewhat amusing, most are keen on restoring the calm and quiet they are accustomed to. Discussions and theories about the motives behind these bizarre soundscapes continue to circulate among the residents, with many hoping that the responsible party will soon cease their activities or at least be identified and addressed by local authorities.

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