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Nap-Loving Pup Stacks All His Dog Beds Into One Giant Pile Of Luxury

Rescue pups Eevee and Finnick are more than just siblings; they are best friends. But even BFFs have their differences.

While Eevee has a major toy obsession, Finnick’s personal passion is a bit more unique. The mixed breed pooch has a soft spot (no pun intended) for dog beds – especially the ones purchased for his much smaller sister.

Eevee and Finnick’s mom, Rachel Canfield estimates that there are about five beds scattered throughout the family home – and Finnick routinely naps in each and every one.

“He’s a very lazy, loving boy,” she told The Dodo.

Recently, the peaceful pup’s world was turned upside down when his family relocated from a house to an apartment. Perhaps it was the vast emptiness of his new home or simply the stress of the move, but the event sparked something in Finnick.

He found himself falling back on his go-to guilty pleasure to ease the stress. But this time around, cramming himself into just one cozy bed simply wouldn’t cut it.

Finnick systematically collected all of the dog beds and piled them together to create one massive den of luxury!

“I think he was trying to make things feel more like home,” Canfield said.

He even allowed Eevee to share his bed fort!

While we admire Finn’s ingenuity, we hope he settles into his new apartment soon so Eevee can get her fair share of the beds back!

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H/T to The Dodo

Featured Image via Instagram/EeveeandFinnick


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Written by Dina Fantegrossi

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