New Facility In Phoenix Is Dedicated To Saving Moms And Their Babies

Of course they’re unbelievably cute, but newborn puppies aren’t quite ready to find homes with people. Experts say puppies should remain with their mothers for at least the first eight weeks of their lives, if not longer. The pups have a lot to learn from their mom and a lot of socialization to undergo. They need to be able to grow and thrive with mom by their side.

A Phoenix-based rescue specializes in large-breed pregnant dogs and their puppies who need time and space to become socialized. Almost There Rescue‘s website describes what they do for the animals that come into their care:

“Our dogs have significant social time with adults, children and other dogs, and we provide them with experiences that will help shape them into the very best pups they can be.”


Ann Berderame with Almost There Rescue explains why they specialize in moms and babies:

“We chose to save mama dogs and their puppies because that particular niche is very difficult to find placement for.”

Established as a nonprofit back in 2013, Almost There Rescue has saved over 1200 dogs since then. Their operation expanded even further when they were able to open a brand new facility in December of 2020.

About The New Facility

With 19 spacious kennels and 6 reserved for quarantining, the Almost There facility can support many moms and babies. A special “mutternity” ward features windows large enough for staff and volunteers to see in, but high enough so as not to disturb resting moms and pups.


The medical intake room is where the dogs are evaluated, vaccinated, microchipped, and bathed when they arrive. A “quarantine play yard” allows animals in quarantine to run around, and no grass makes for safe and clean play.


Berderame said:

“We just really made sure we did everything in our power to make it as sanitary, safe and clean so diseases don’t transfer from one kennel to the next or one family to the next.”

The facility also offers a large space where potential adopters can really get to know the dogs. This can be a lot harder when you’re seeing them through cage wire.

“It can be hard to get to know a certain pup when they’re in a kennel with as many as 12 other puppies and a mama. These rooms give adopters a place to go to get to know the pup they’d like to adopt!” -Almost There Rescue via Instagram

It sounds like the pups who find themselves at Almost There Rescue are in great hands!


Those close enough to Phoenix to visit the facility can schedule an appointment online. You can also browse available dogs or donate on the rescue’s website.

Featured Image: @almostthererescue/Instagram

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