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Separated Pit Bull Will Not Part With His Long-Lost Brother Ever Again

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on November 27, 2023

Tawny, a dog lover and proud mom to a Pit Bull named Kiko, shares a heartwarming story of how her family was able to reunite Keiko with his long-lost brother, Niko.

This incredible tale of love, perseverance, and the unbreakable bond between siblings will surely touch the hearts of dog lovers everywhere.


Keiko and his siblings were once destined for a life of fighting. They were being sold as fighting dogs online until they were thankfully rescued. Keiko was just a sick, starving little puppy, as were all of his siblings. The rescue organization nursed them back to health and got them ready for adoption.

In their town, there was a three-dog maximum per household, and Tawny’s family already had two dogs. They desperately wanted to adopt Keiko and his brother Niko, but they could only take one. They chose Keiko, who turned out to be the perfect little pup. He was well-behaved, and the family couldn’t have been luckier.


Five months later, their oldest dog passed away, leaving them heartbroken. One night, Tawny saw Niko’s face on her phone – he was the same puppy they wanted to adopt months before but couldn’t. She learned that Niko had been returned because his previous family wasn’t good to him. Now a two-dog family, Tawny and her husband decided to adopt Niko without hesitation.

Niko was incredibly sweet but also extremely timid. He was cautious of everything and would flinch if someone tried to come near him. He didn’t know any commands, but he did know his brother, Keiko. The moment Niko entered their home, both dogs lit up, recognizing each other immediately. Seeing the immediate difference in Niko’s confidence when he was around Keiko was a beautiful sight.


Keiko never left Niko’s side. On the first night, when Niko was put in a crate to sleep, Keiko snuck in with him and stayed there the entire night. From that day on, they did everything together – hiking, bathing, and even cramming themselves into a hilariously small cubby in the kitchen every night while Tawny and her husband cooked dinner.

Niko’s confidence has grown tremendously since being adopted. As long as Keiko is with him, he has no problem going on walks or running on the beach. He will always hold onto some part of his past, but having Keiko with him every step of the way has helped him through everything.


Keiko also loves having his brother back. Walks are now more fun, bedtime is less lonely, and life is a lot brighter. Niko always seems so grateful; looking into his eyes, Tawny feels like he’s saying, “Thank you for all the cuddles, thank you for giving me a home, thank you for giving me my brother back.”

To meet the amazing duo, and learn more about their adoption story, play the video below.

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