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Sympathetic To Their Plight, Woman Adopts Pups But Left Them Outside In 1°

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on May 15, 2024

Early one morning, a person discovered two stray dogs in her yard, tails wagging frantically and barking as if to greet their new human friend. Responding with kindness, the person quickly set up a makeshift shelter using a cardboard box and placed some food and water inside for the dogs. As the woman approached, the dogs snatched the food and scampered off. It began to snow lightly, and the dogs, thoroughly wet, looked like they could be sisters. Uncertain if they had been abandoned or had strayed from their mother, the woman resolved to offer them a home if they chose to stay.


With temperatures dropping below zero at night, concern for the dogs’ well-being grew. Checking on them, the woman found the dogs huddled together, peeking out quietly. It was clear that survival was tough for stray dogs, but now, they wouldn’t have to endure loneliness or hunger during the cold winters anymore.


The next day, the dogs were gone. The woman anxiously searched everywhere in the harsh, snowy weather. Following their footprints, the dogs were found not far away, covered in snowflakes, playfully enjoying the snow. Upon their reunion, the dogs warmed up to the woman, who named them Yuanbao and Fubao.

Fubao showed a more lively demeanor, while Yuanbao was quieter. Their fur was matted and they desperately needed a bath. At that moment, as the dogs rushed over, the person truly understood the meaning of rescue. She bathed the dogs, clothed them in new, beautiful outfits, and watched as they happily played and ran around, meeting other street friends.


The strays seemed overjoyed that Yuanbao and Fubao finally had a home. Though adopted, the dogs spend most of their time playing outside. They come inside when it’s cold and snuggle near the heater for warmth. With their new human companion, they would no longer face the cold winter alone.

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