Orphaned Baby Orangutan Has A New Babysitter

Dogs make great babysitters! Some dogs are not just great with kids, they are good at looking after other baby animals too! There are even dogs who have very strong maternal instinct that they take care of baby animals like their own. There was even that one dog who produced milk to nurse the orphaned kittens she was looking after! That was just amazing!

In the video below is another awesome babysitter! Bugsy, a 9-year-old French Bulldog has taken it upon himself to look after an orphaned baby Orangutan named Malone. Bugsy lives at the Twycross Zoo in England, and he loves to befriend the animals there. But when Bugsy and Malone met, they bonded instantly. Watch the the video below and see how much they love each other!

Awww…they look so sweet and adorable together! Malone may be orphaned by his mother, but he has Bugsy to give him the love and the attention that he needs!

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