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People Band Together To Save Animals During Catastrophic Hurricane Harvey

| Published on August 29, 2017

In August of 2017 the Gulf Coast was pummeled by Hurricane Harvey, and the storm left catastrophic damage to homes and families. As humans struggled to find higher ground, many pets were being left behind. While a few shelters allow animals during a disaster, some force owners to keep them outside, and others don’t permit them at all.

Even as the rain fell and the streets flooded, advocates and pet lovers did what they could to rescue our helpless furry friends from the torrential floods. This world can be tough, but in times of trouble, people always have a way of coming together. The images that were posted to social media of people helping animals in a time of crisis gave us hope not just for the coast, but for all of humanity.

1. First is this man, who not only defends the people of our country, but the animals in it.

2. And this guy, who left his belongings to be destroyed but refused to leave his dogs.

3. The U.S. Coast Guard knows that pets are family.

4. And these officers escorted a herd of cattle to higher ground.

5. This taxi driver let a hawk take refuge in his vehicle.

6. And these folks are determined to keep their family together.

7. These rescuers will be looking for displaced furry friends. No doubt they’ll be trying to reunite them with their families for weeks to come.

8. And these heroes wouldn’t dream of leaving a crate of defenseless kitties behind.

9. This good Samaritan saw a stranded dog and knew he had to help. 

10. And this rider wouldn’t leave until he knew the horses were freed.

Then there’s this shout-out for the Los Angeles fire department canines. Because in times like these, rescue dogs just wag their tails at the prospect of saving more lives.

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Featured Image Source: Facebook/IFAW

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