Popeye Needs Your Help Funding His Emergency Medical Care!

iHeartDogs is proud to be reaching our goal of raising $650,000 for charity in 2020! There are always dogs that need our help, so we will continue to support them in any way we can. Currently, we are raising money for a sweet little French Bulldog named Popeye. He is happy to receive donations to help fund his emergency medical expenses. 

Reversed Rescue kindly took Popeye in after his long life of neglect. He spent eight years with a human who didn’t fully appreciate him. His human was gone most of the time, so the sweet pup spent about 6 months every year in a kennel, wishing he could be with a family who loved him. Finally, his human decided to do the right thing and surrender him so that Popeye could find a better home. But he had a lot of recovering to do before his happily ever after could truly begin.

Popeye Closeup

Spending so much time alone wasn’t just bad for Popeye’s emotional state, but it also caused some long-term medical problems. When he first entered Reversed Rescue’s care, he had nerve issues in his hind leg, which made walking difficult for him. It also caused him to be incontinent. But through it all, Popeye stayed strong and refused to give up.

Sadly, Popeye’s health suddenly declined a few days ago. He began vomiting, and he had blood in his stool. The rescue found out that he had a parasite, so he was rushed to the ER. It seems that his medical expenses will be even higher than expected.

Popeye in car

Poor Popeye needs $4,000 for his emergency medical care. So, we’re reaching out to our iHeartDogs heroes for support. Your donations have already made such a big difference for many dogs in need. Now, Popeye is the one who needs support more than anything.

Click Here to Make a Donation for Popeye’s Medical Expenses!

Popeye Sitting

By raising money for Popeye’s care, he’ll be able to get the fresh start that he deserves. So please, help be a part of that miracle! Even small donations can make a huge difference for a dog in need. If more than $4,000 is raised, the extra money will go to Reversed Rescue, which will allow them to save even more dogs like Popeye.

Thank you to all the incredible heroes who have helped us raise so much money for charity! We could never reach our 2020 $650,000 charity goal without your kindness.

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