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Always Be In My Heart Dog Memorial Keepsake – Photo Frame Cremation Urn

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Though you’ve had to say farewell, you can keep your dearest dog close with our Always Be In My Heart Wooden Urn Box. This memorial keepsake was made to celebrate your best friend’s life with elegance and style. And when you slip your favorite dog photo into the picture window, the urn becomes a personalized tribute to the furry one who meant so much.   


Dog Ashes Keepsake

Dog Ashes Table Top Artisan Box

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You may be gone from our lives, but will Always be in our Hearts. 

Honor your dog with this sentiment and know their ashes will stay protected inside this durable wooden urn box. And like the paw print inside the heart embossed on the top of the box, your dog’s memory will remain forever in your heart. Adding your most cherished dog photo personalizes the box, and though letting go is never easy, looking at this touching memorial will remind you of a life well-lived and the peace your pup has found across the Rainbow Bridge.  

    • Loving Reminder - Protect your dog’s ashes with a beautiful memento that bears a heartfelt sentiment and a photo of your best friend. 
    • Elegance & Craftsmanship - The urn box is made from wood and crafted with care, meaning this elegant memorial will stand strong for years to come. 
    • Photo Memorial - Remembrance becomes personalized when you add your favorite picture of your dog to the 3” x 2” photo opening.
    • Give Back - For every urn box purchased, we’ll donate 7 meals to shelter dogs.
      • Material - Wood
      • Urn Size - 4” H x 6 1/2” W x 4” D
      • Picture Size - 3” H x 2” W    

      Pet owners feel an intense connection and love for their pets, even considering them family. When it's time to say goodbye, many people want to keep the ashes of a beloved dog to help remember them and keep them close. Pet owners often find solace in memorial jewelry or cremation urns, which contain small mementos of their departed companions. Find answers to your questions about dog ashes keepsake jewelry to determine if this is the right option.

      Should You Keep Your Dogs Ashes?

      Only you can decide what to do with your dog's ashes. You keep, bury, or scatter your dog's ashes, as all are acceptable and allowed by law. Ashes kept at home can be a meaningful and comforting reminder of your little dog's presence. As long as you do not believe the cremated remains will bring bad luck, there is no need to worry about them.

      You can put them on a shelf if that works best for you, or even in jewelry. Ashes do not go bad, so you have the option of acting now or at a later date. When a pet dies, it can be devastating for their owners. It is entirely at your discretion to decide where they will be laid to rest and what kind of memorial service they will have.

      What Can I Put My Dogs Ashes In?

      A few options allow you to keep your dog's ashes with you. A dog urn is a common way to honor and remember your canine companion after they have passed. The memorial can be displayed in a meaningful spot at home.

      You can keep your faithful friend close to your heart whenever you look at the urn. Modern, traditional, rustic, humorous, and cute urns are all available, and custom urns are also an option.

      The placement of a dog headstone in your yard serves as a touching tribute to your beloved pet. They can be found in numerous different types of stone, including granite, river stone, red stone, and many others. You can put them anywhere, indoors or out.

      Next, incorporate the ashes into jewelry during the production stage. Crystals and diamonds are commonly used as memorials in funerals and at memorial services. It is then fashioned into necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and just about any other piece of jewelry, you can think of.

      No one expects to find out that a dog's ashes can be used to make a beautiful piece of art. Using cremation art as a memorial for your pet is a thoughtful and original way to honor their memory. You can also carry a small number of your dog's ashes or a lock of his hair on a keychain to remind you of him whenever you use it.

      How Much Ash Is Left After Cremation Of A Dog?

      The approximate weight of the ashes is something that many people want to find out in advance so that they may buy an urn or some other container of the proper size. Be prepared for it to be about 3.5 percent of the total weight of the dog before it is burned. For example, if your dog weighed 75 pounds, the ashes would be around 2.6 pounds.

      How Much Does It Cost To Turn Your Dog's Ashes Into A Diamond?

      If ashes are turned into a diamond, you should anticipate spending thousands of dollars on the process. The higher the carat weight of the diamond, the higher the price. In most cases, the price of a colorless diamond will be higher than $2000, while colored options are significantly lower.

      Can You Make Jewelry From Dogs Ashes?

      Pet cremation jewelry safely and thoughtfully stores your pet's ashes. More companies are cropping up with new options thanks to the current trends in technology. You can find many variations of jewelry ready to store your pet's ashes or turn your pet's ashes into a piece of jewelry. Many different styles of cremation jewelry for dogs and cats are available in silver, gold, and gold plating.

      Wearing cremation jewelry that will store your pet's ashes, fur or whiskers is the ideal way to keep them close to your heart wherever you go.

      How Do You Honor Pet Ashes?

      The options to honor your pet's ashes are endless, and many of them provide means through which you can always carry a token of your pet's memory with you. There is no right or wrong way to deal with the loss of a pet; some people choose to have their ashes scattered in a special place, while others save a small portion of their pet's remains in a piece of jewelry they may wear every day. Any of these options will honor your beloved dog and let them know how much you treasured your time with them in your life.

      What Can I Have Made With My Dogs Ashes?

      Having a stunning piece of cremation jewelry fashioned from your pet's cremains offers a lovely way to keep their ashes close to you all the time. However, you can also find some other options ready to display our departed dog with love and care. Some artists can now paint a portrait of your pet with their ashes making for a unique tribute.

      If you have a garden and like to spend time in it, a garden stone is a nice way to memorialize your pet's remains. Add the ashes to the cement and create a lovely garden ornament. Additionally, your pet's ashes can be used in a work of pottery in the same way that glass can be used to create a stained-glass window or other decorative artwork.

      Another unique option allows you to turn your dog's ashes into a fireworks show.

      A few more unique options include a glass sculpture, stained glassed window, paperweights, and other glass options. All of these options will honor your pet and keep them alive in your memory.

      Can I Get My Dogs Ashes Made Into A Necklace?

      When it comes to jewelry, necklaces are by far the most popular as they can be worn around the next and close to the heart. There are a wide variety of options, from simple pendants and charms to elaborate lockets with pictures of loved ones inside. It is no surprise that these pieces of jewelry are the most sought-after memorial tributes for pets.

      A cremation necklace allows for a novel necklace option as an urn that can be worn and contains a small number of ashes from a beloved pet. This urn is the best alternative because it allows you to have your pet's ashes with you at all times rather than collecting dust in a cabinet. Also, many necklaces even allow you to add a photo of your pet, a custom design, or an engraved phrase for an extra special touch.

      How Do I Display My Dogs Ashes?

      Urns are the most common option for displaying dog ashes. However, you can use some of the unique options above if you can afford the prices. Urns are often more affordable and are made to fit in small spaces like on top of a mantle.

      The size of your pet should factor into the decision of what kind of urn to purchase, as larger animals will also require larger urns.

      If you want a smaller urn for a larger pet, consider keeping some ashes on display and releasing the rest of the ashes back into the earth. Pet cremation urns come in a wide range of materials and styles, allowing you to pick the one that best suits your preferences. The pet urn may be readily incorporated into your home's decor because of the broad choice of materials available.


      Angela 03/31/2024

      No comment entered by customer.

      Karen 04/24/2023

      My previous fur baby has been sitting in a small tin for 7 years. I knew I had to have the box. Ñow she sits inside with her pic on the front. I love, love, love this a lot. Very well made.

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