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Forever In My Heart Memorial Dog Urn Necklace – Deal 65% OFF!

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Carry a piece of your beloved dog with you everywhere with our Forever In My Heart Stainless Steel Urn Necklace, and always keep their memory alive in your heart. Sleek in design but immense in meaning, this beautiful memorial jewelry is a special way to honor the furry one that meant so much after they’ve gone. And with iHeartDogs, remembrance also means helping pups in need by providing meals to ten shelter dogs with every urn necklace sold.  


Cremated Dog Necklace

Dog Ashes Necklace

Wear their memory around your neck and keep a small piece of their existence close with this stainless steel urn hung on a 24-inch matching chain. With a singular paw print debossed into the urn, the design is clean and elegant, with minimal embellishment that still delivers a big message about love and memory. And to finish an already lovely tribute piece, we’ve added a feather charm to represent your furry angel and a circle charm that reads “forever in my heart” with paw print accents.  

A secure lobster claw clasp ensures your necklace stays put and the tight-fitting urn cap and solid steel ring will keep the urn vase firmly attached, dismissing worries over losing a part of your best friend. And when you buy this memorial necklace to show your dog will be forever in your heart, you also make sure ten hungry pups get to fill their bellies with a big bowl of food! 

  • Clean Design - We’ve kept this tribute piece simple in design with just a debossed paw print and two meaningful charms. And though the style is minimal, this touching necklace holds deep meaning.   
  • Quality Craftsmanship - Durable stainless steel means you’ll be wearing this necklace for years to come, and with a solid lobster claw clasp securing the chain and a steel ring holding the urn, you’ll never have to worry over losing it. 
  • Memorial Gift to Help Them Remember - When a fellow dog lover is missing their furry friend, help them celebrate a life well lived with this sentimental urn necklace. 
  • Give Back - For every necklace purchased, we’ll donate 10 meals to shelter dogs.
  • Material - Stainless steel
  • Size
    • Chain Length - 24”
    • Urn Size - ⅞” T x ⅜” D 
    • Feather Charm - ⅜” L
    • Circle Charm - ⅝” D

Pet owners feel a strong bond with their pets that does not disappear when their pets pass on. Our pets have become part of the family, and we love and appreciate their unique personalities and traits. Because of this, it makes sense that losing a pet is often unbearable and hard to handle. Pet owners find it helpful to keep a piece of their beloved pet with them in the form of memorial jewelry containing their ashes. Learn the benefits of ash necklaces and decide if this will help you or someone you know cope with the passing of a pet.

Can I Get My Dogs Ashes Made Into A Necklace?

People wear necklaces more than any other piece of jewelry as they sit next to their hearts and do not get in the way like another jewelry can. The fact that it sits so close to the heart, which makes people feel at ease, is what makes it so unique and special. Furthermore, necklaces are a beautiful expression of what a person keeps in their heart.

You can find necklaces in many forms, including charms, pendants, and more, all with the ashes of your beloved dog so you can keep them near you always. It makes sense that they are the most popular type of jewelry to remember a pet. A cremation necklace (or ash necklace) is a unique style of necklace as it's an urn you can wear around your neck. While these necklaces cannot hold all of your pet's ashes, they can keep a few near your heart.

A necklace works better than an urn for many people because it can keep your pet's ashes close to you instead of letting them sit around their house.

Furthermore, you can find necklace pendants in many different styles and shapes, like pawprints, hearts, flowers, ribbons, religious symbols, geometric shapes, and even gemstones. Some options even include a photo of your pet, a personalized design, or an engraved message to this style of necklace to make it even more unique. These necklaces may even be able to hold a lock of fur or whiskers instead of ashes.

How Much Does It Cost To Put A Dog's Ashes In A Necklace?

Necklaces for dog ashes can range from $15 up to thousands of dollars. Turning ashes into diamonds usually cost much more than other options. Most of the time, the price is around $50 to $70. The price of cremation jewelry varies based on the type of material used and the complication of the design.

What Are Ash Necklaces Called?

Ash necklaces or memorial jewelry for pets has become very popular, and as a result, there are more and more pieces to choose from. Often, they go by both names interchangeably. They can even be called cremation necklaces. No matter the name, these necklaces can keep your beloved canine close to your heart when they pass away.

How Long Do Cremated Dog Ashes Last?

First of all, cremains are not just ashes. Even though the term ashes is frequently used to describe remains, this term does not correctly reflect what is left over after cremation. All biological material reduces to dust and dried bone at temperatures of 1,400 to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit in cremation chambers. Cremains refers to this mixture of bones and ash.

Many people ask how long the remains will last, yet there is no simple solution. The elements affect how long cremains last as they are not entirely organic material or ash. However, the cremains do not spontaneously decompose over time. Because they are so thoroughly contaminated by soil, water, or air, they can stop being cremains and no longer function as the family intended.

The method used to bury cremains will have an impact on how long it takes for the deteriorating process to start and for them to become a part of the soil. Self-storage, such as an urn on the mantle place, may not last if there is any damage to the home from flood or plumbing issues. Professional storage allows for better conditions but is dramatically more expensive.

Cremains may be interred in the earth in some circumstances without an urn or a monument. The process of deteriorating happens rather quickly. Many people choose to scatter or bury the ashes in the lake since water quickly disperses cremains. The mourning family finds solace in this environmentally beneficial contribution.

When stored in a piece of properly sealed jewelry, the ashes can last significantly longer. People are increasingly storing cremains in jewelry lockets or pendants or even into gemstones that can last indefinitely. However, the seal needs to remain intact for proper retention. It may be easier to retain cremains in jewelry than in an urn, but you will have to be careful not to lose them.

Is It Ok To Split Up Dog Ashes?

Yes, you can split up dog ashes whether you want some in an urn and some in a necklace or even want to spread most of the ashes in water or ground. There are several rules about how to spread ash, but none about how to divide the remains. After the cremation of a beloved pet, some families like to divide the ashes.

Because cremated remains, also called ashes, are made of coarse, dusty material like sand or gravel, they can be split up after being burned. This means that you do not have to choose just one way to dispose of the item.

Instead, you can keep the larger portion at home and scatter some at a favorite place. Of course, you can set apart an amount to create memorial necklaces.

What Is A Cremation Necklace Called?

Cremation necklaces are the same as an ashes or memorial necklace. Each place will probably use the names interchangeably, but all three options mean the same thing. Then necklace will hold the cremains of a pet and store them inside of a necklace or turn them into a gemstone to act as a long-term memorial of a pet that a person can wear around their neck.

Can You Fly With A Cremation Necklace?

Yes, you can fly with a cremation or ash necklace. However, it is essential to understand the constraints imposed by your particular airline. While other airlines do not permit urns (in any form) to be carried on as carry-on items, several airlines have very lenient policies regarding this matter.

The most significant issue for many people is merely passing through security. In most cases, the emotional side is not the problem; rather, the issue is one of safety. Cremains are extremely abrasive substances that possess an electrostatic quality to them. In the event they escape the necklace, it is quite challenging to remove it from the environment if the nature of the area is industrial (like the inside of an airplane.)

If you have the cremains sealed in cremation jewelry, the TSA airport security personnel should not give you any trouble with transporting the cremains. Although, you should keep the necklace in a clear, sealed bag for the journey to prevent any issues. Security may also need to open the container, which can cause problems for them and you.

You have the option of bringing cremation jewelry with you as carry-on luggage or having it checked along with the rest of your luggage. Nevertheless, you are obligated to report this to the relevant authorities in charge of security. Always tell the airline or security if you are wearing a cremation necklace or check online beforehand to see if policies have changed to prevent problems.


Gail 05/11/2023

Totally it. Thank You

Carol 05/01/2023

I love my necklace. I immediately put my deceased dogs fur in it. Now my Jinx will be with me forever. ??

Debbie 04/28/2023

beautiful keepsake

Leilani 04/28/2023

I absolutely love this necklace. The vet gave some of my sweet girls hair which I placed in the necklace. I feel as if she is sitting right next to my heart which is were the vial lays. So special.

Christy 04/27/2023

I have been wearing this every day since it was filled with my loved one. Great quality and sturdily made.

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