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Goat Milk:

Did you know goat’s milk can provide your dog with a healthy dose of protein, calcium, and probiotics while being more easily digestible than cow milk? With our Goat’s Milk Powder 3-n-1 Dog Food TopperIce CreamLiquid Milk with Probiotics, you can easily give your fur baby the rich, creamy goodness of goat milk in three ways. And yes, you read that rightthis milk powder can be whipped into a delicious dish of ice cream your dog will happily devour!

Goat Milk:

Make your dog’s dinner a luxe affair with a scoopful of goat’s milk! This powdered addition will make boring mealtimes a joy once again. Or, serve your pup a dish of warm milk for a comforting snack. Go one better and whip up some ice cream to make your dog drool with glee! You can do it all with the 3-n1-food topper, milk powder, and ice cream mix.

And because it’s goat’s milk, it's an excellent option for pets with food allergies or sensitivities, as it's less likely to trigger an allergic reaction than cow's milk or other dairy products. That’s because goat's milk contains high amounts of potassium, which helps control and neutralize the acidity of the stomach. Providing goat's milk to dogs can help regulate their stomach pH and prevent hyperacidity from developing.

Goat's milk is loaded with probiotics that help to support digestion by increasing the population of healthy bacteria in your dog's digestive tract. This support for your dog's digestion helps to improve nutrient absorption, boosts the immune system, and aids in filtering out toxins. It’s also rich in protein, calcium, and potassium, as well as vitamins A, B2, and C, all of which strengthen bones, aid in muscle function, and promotes overall health. It’s all the healthy goodness of milk without the upset stomach. 

Best of all, goat’s milk offers a taste experience unlike other dairy products, thanks to a natural creaminess and richness other kinds of milk just don’t have. 


#1/ To use as a delicious & nutritious Food Topper, sprinkle one scoop of powder over your dog’s food.

#2/ Give your pup the richness of real Goat Milk with these easy steps: 

  1. Mix 1 scoop of Goat’s Milk Powder with warm water. 
  2. Stir briskly and serve!

#3/ Make your best buddy’s day with Goat’s Milk Ice Cream in three simple steps:

  1. Mix 2 parts Goat’s Milk Powder with 1 part water. 
  2. Stir or whisk briskly until all lumps are gone.
  3. Freeze and then treat your dog! 

And in giving your dog the goodness of goat milk, you’re ensuring 7 shelter dogs will enjoy their own hearty bowl of food.  


  • Use as a Nutritious Food Topper - If dinner has become a bland affair, liven up your dog’s kibble with this tasty, rich goat milk food topper. Just a scoopful can make all the difference.  30 Servings per bag. 
  • Packed with Probiotics - Our 3-in-1 goat milk powder contains Dried Bacillus Subtilis, a probiotic (good bacteria) that supports healthy digestion and provides a super boost to the immune system. 
  • Key Nutrients of Powdered Goat Milk - Probiotics promote the growth of beneficial bacteria for a healthy gut environment and immune health; Calcium builds and maintains strong bones and teeth, as well as supports nerve transmission and muscle function; Lower lactose content aids in easier digestion and provides an alternative for dogs with sensitive stomachs.  
  • Health Benefits - Goat’s milk is known for its power to improve nutrient absorption, aid in digestion, boost the immune system, filter bodily toxins, strengthen bones, support muscle function, and promote overall health
    • Ice Cream for Dogs - Our goat milk powder can be easily made into a frozen dessert that will cool your pup down during the dog days of summer! 
    • Make A Bowl of Milk - Mix 1 scoop of Goat’s Milk Powder with warm water. Stir briskly and serve as a delicious snack. 
    • Elevate Hydration - Offering your dog a rich bowl of goat milk made with this probiotic-packed milk powder can help keep your pup hydrated. 
    • Ideal for Sensitive Tummies - Goat’s milk is easier to digest than cow’s milk due to a lower lactose content and different structure in the casein proteins, making it an ideal choice for dogs with allergies or food sensitivities. 

    Give Back - For every bag of goat’s milk powder purchased, we’ll donate 7 meals to shelter dogs.

    Paw Mold:


    • Food Grade Silicone


    • 4⅓ " x 8½" x ⅝"

    Goat Milk:

    • Topper Powder - 1 scoop sprinkled on food.
    • Liquid milk - 1 scoop mixed with warm water. Stir briskly.
    • Ice cream - mix 2 parts goat's milk with 1 part water. Stir briskly. Freeze

    * Scoop Included inside bag  


    Silicone Mold :

    • Ice cream - mix 2 parts goat's milk with 1 part water. Stir briskly. Add filling to silicone mold paws, Freeze


    Goat Milk:

    Label Information:


    -Goat milk powder


    -Sea salt

    -Dried bacillus subtilis fermentation product

    Crude Protein (min) ......................................21%

    Crude Fat (min) ............................................25%

    Crude Fiber (max) ..........................................1%

    Moisture (max) ...............................................4%

    Ash (max) .......................................................7%

    Sporevia (Lactobacillus Subtlia)                     .04B CFU

    Total microorganisms* not less than 41.666 Million CFU/g 

    CALORIE CONTENT (CALCULATED) ME: 4,384 kcal/kg and 21.92 kcal/5g serving


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