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Limited Time Offer 50% OFF! Happy Pawlidays Christmas Dog Ornament Personalized – Choose Your Pup’s Breeds and Names !

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Treat yourself or your dog-loving family and friends a beautiful Custom Dog Ornament that everyone is sure to enjoy for a lifetime.

This elegant little piece of art is ready to light up the Christmas tree and make a precious gift for your beloved on this occasion.

Personalize yours by choosing the # of  dogs you would like to include on your personalized ornament along with your dog’s breed and names.

    *Up to 12 letters for Dog’s Name

    • Crafted from durable MDF with a high-gloss plastic finish so your designs last a lifetime
    • Vibrantly printed 
    • Includes festive gold cord for easy hanging
    • Product Dimensions: 2.75” tall, 1/8 thick, 0.5 oz
    • Give Back – For every ornament purchased, we’ll donate 3 meals to shelter dogs.

    Personalized Dog Christmas Ornament

    Dog Breed & Name Ornament

    You cannot have a properly decorated Christmas tree without ornaments; the same goes for other seasonal displays. Include ornaments made especially for your pet to really show how much you care, or give them as gifts to other dog lovers. Find the best personalized ornaments to keep and give to make the holidays extra special this year.

    What Is The Most Popular Personalized Dog Christmas Ornaments?

    The Happy Pawlidays Personalized Christmas Ornament for Dog is a wonderful Custom Dog Ornament that every member of your doggy-obsessed family or group of dog-loving friends can take pride in displaying for many years to come. This ornament features a paw print design with the phrase "Happy Pawlidays" engraved on the front.

    It features a photograph of your dog integrated into the design of a scene that evokes a cozy winter countryside. You may make it unique in a way that no one else's does by determining the number of dogs that should be depicted on it, in addition to the breeds and names of the dogs that are depicted there. Make gifts for everyone you know with the personalization you want for a thoughtful gift.

    The Place You Will Want To Be For The Holidays is another option that is frequently selected for the Personalized Dog Ornament. Invest on a stunning Custom Dog Ornament for yourself and the dog lovers in your family and circle of friends. These ornaments will live in your Christmas traditions for a lifetime.

    With this option, you get a sophisticated work of art that is perfect for illuminating the Christmas tree and would make a priceless present for the person you hold dear on this special occasion. In addition, you can personalize your own by selecting the number of dogs whose breeds and names you would want to appear on the ornament.

    What Is A Themed Christmas Ornament Called?

    Themed Christmas ornaments do not have a specific name but are often called unique or one-of-a-kind decorations. You can also find ornaments labeled by their theme, such as a dog or even gingerbread ornaments for those who love the baking theme. Often all ornaments are just labeled as ornaments with no specific additional except options to search for keywords.

    No matter the ornament, they often come in a ready-to-use style or a personalized style. The latter is a genuine indulgence, but they will become cherished family heirlooms because they were created or because they remind the family of a vacation they will never forget, or both. Everyone loves an ornament targeted to their likes and styles.

    What Do Custom Dog Christmas Ornaments Symbolize?

    Custom ornaments offer a glimpse into someone's life, love, and interest. Because each Christmas ornament has its own backstory, it may be used to spark conversations about the family's favorite vacation spots, traditions, pastimes, and pets. Every family's Christmas tree has its own special, uplifting story, and the very best include every family member, including the furry variety!

    When you gift a custom dog ornament, you are showing love for someone else's interests symbolizing affection and familiarity. Tradition-rich ornament collections are commonly passed down via families meaning they can also create strong bonds. Nothing says I love you or treasure a relationship more than a custom gift that speaks directly to the heart.

    What Are The Different Types Of Personalized Dog Ornaments?

    iHeartDogs allows you to make customized dog-related gifts. A few of our ornaments are ready for personalization:

    You can customize this Holidays at Home Personalized Dog Ornament for the lucky recipient. The Christmas season is here, and this gorgeous ornament is just what your tree needs to complete the look. Include the breeds and names of your dogs and the number of pets you own to make it truly unique.

    Your dog-loving friends and family will absolutely adore the Happy Pawlidays Personalized Christmas Ornament for Dog you give them this holiday season. The ornament allows you to see your dog in a cozy winter setting. Modify it to your liking by writing in the breeds, names, and the total number of dogs you would want to see represented.

    Our dog-shaped frame ornament with the inscription "Always Remember, Forever in Heart" is by far the most popular option. This touching photo frame can serve as both a Christmas decoration and an appropriate remembrance of your pet simultaneously. In addition, the frame contains two heartfelt messages that have been etched in for added beauty.

    Why Is It Called An Ornament?

    Ornaments got their name because they are adornments specific to a Christmas tree. A German glassblower named Hans Greiner started crafting holiday decorations by hand in the middle of the nineteenth century. These were the earliest examples of commercially produced holiday decorations. Upon inheriting the family business, Lauscha Glassworks, from his great-great-grandfather, the current owner recognized a chance to grow by manufacturing glass Christmas ornaments. The name manifested over the years as people searched for a title for these Christmas decorations.

    What Dog-Breed Christmas Ornaments Are Trending?

    The option to choose your dog is trending or a simplistic dog ready to represent most breeds. All dog breeds are loved and cherished by their family members, which is why you can find a wide variety to suit any breed or even a mixed breed like a golden doodle. However, for places that choose to offer ornaments honoring all breeds, choose a more simplistic design to represent the spirit of all dogs.

    Is A Personalized Dog Ornament A Good Christmas Gift?

    Creating personalized ornaments is a great way to keep memories alive and share family stories with future generations. Memories are permanent, regardless of how many years pass by. Additionally, the most appreciated present is one that has personal significance, whether it is a memento of a special time spent with loved ones, a souvenir from a shared adventure, or a personalized dog ornament ready to spice up a Christmas tree.

    Having a personalized ornament is a wonderful way to ensure that the fond recollections of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences are always within easy reach. As pets are family members, they deserve a place of honor and representation on the tree. Christmas ornaments are a representation of the things we love, and dog parents definitely love their pets!

    If you have a pet dog or cat and want to make sure they have a special place on the Christmas tree, a personalized ornament bearing their name is a great idea. No matter how valuable the ornament honoring your daughter's graduation may be, it cannot compare in significance to the one shaped like Fido's paw and depicting his happy face.

    Why Do People Buy Dog Name Ornaments?

    The purchase of fresh holiday decorations has become a yearly ritual for many people. I can not think of a better way to honor the family's most important member than to hang up a personalized ornament in their honor. If you have not started the tradition already, buying a new Christmas ornament for your pet every year is a great way to show appreciation for all the joy they have brought you throughout the year.

    Furthermore, pet owners love to add a name for their pets because pets have much shorter lifespans than humans. At some point, their pet will be gone, and memory will fade; personalized ornaments with names on them can memorialize a pet into the family for years to come. While not all people want to have ornaments for each of their pets, others do because they chose their pets, their names and to add them to their lives to celebrate their place in their world.


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