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Helping Hand Heat Therapy Glove: Soothe Your Dog’s Sore Joints with a Warm Massage

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When your dog is aching, knowing you can’t take away the pain hurts your heart. But our Helping Hand Microwavable Therapy Glove with Flaxseed gives you the ability to ease their discomfort while providing the healing only your love can deliver. Once heated and slipped inside the glove, the warm flaxseed pouch soothes your dog’s arthritis, joint pain, muscle stiffness, or general soreness, and the soothing Chamomile encourages a sense of calm. Petting and massaging your dog with this glove can give them the relief they need while resting in your arms for a healing experience deepens the bond between you.  

No more slipping heat pads or maneuvering power cords! This microwaveable therapy glove contains a soft pouch filled with flaxseed to hold warmth or cool for easy treatment of sore areas. Once microwaved, the pouch not only offers comforting heat but also releases the soothing scent of chamomile, which may help ease your dog's anxiety and stress. 

To use, insert the pouch into the glove’s inner pocket, slip your hand into the plush fleece lining of the glove, and enjoy the warmth on your hands as you pet your dog. They’ll delight in the instant relaxation brought by the velveteen softness, satin binding, and healing warmth. And if it’s cold therapy they need, chill the flaxseed pouch in the freezer to use as a plush, reusable ice pack to reduce swelling, soothe sprains, and ease tissue injuries. This easy-to-use therapy glove is a must-have for your senior dog or those with mobility issues.

To heat, warm one or both gloves in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes to create a soothing moist heat that better alleviates suffering from joint pain, stiff muscles, soreness, and arthritis. 

WARNING: Do not overheat. Due to differences in microwave strengths, heating time may vary. Do not leave unattended while heating.

    • Healing Touch - Use as a warm compress to ease the pain of arthritis, stiff muscles, or injuries and help your pup feel better faster through heat therapy and your loving care. 
    • Aromatic Chamomile - The scent of this soothing herb adds to the healing moment by offering stress and anxiety relief.
    • Perfect Aid for Senior Dogs - As your pup ages, arthritis and joint pain are likely. Give them relief with this velvety soft therapy glove. 
    • Good for You, Too - In helping your dog, wearing the glove will also help ease the stiffness and soreness in your hands. It’s therapy that goes both ways. 
  • Simple To Use - Heat the flaxseed pouch, insert into the glove, slip it on, and ease your pup’s aches and pains.   
  • Easy Care - To wash, remove inserts, machine wash cold, and tumble dry on low. Do not bleach or iron.  

Give Back - For every therapy glove purchased, we’ll donate 3 meals to shelter dogs.

  • Size: 7” W x 31” H
  • Material: 
    • Outer shell - 100% polyester with satin binding 
    • Inside material - Fleece
    • Filler - 98% flaxseed, 2% chamomile 
  • Instructions for Use: Only 5-10 minute treatments required, at least 2-3 times per week. Longer treatments provide greater results. Daily use recommended.
  • Care Instructions: Remove the Flaxseed and Chamomile pouch. Wash the outer shell only. Machine was cold, tumble Dry low. Durable enough to stand up to frequent use. Wash with like colors, do not bleach or iron.

HEAT in the microwave for 1 minute, then massage the product to gauge warmness accurately. If additional warmth is desired, heat in 30-second intervals (massaging or flipping product to distribute heat evenly). 


Please carefully follow the heating instructions below. Instructions are designed for 1200- Watt microwaves. As per instructions, if using higher-wattage microwaves, heat at medium power level only. Do not heat the product if the flaxseed is exposed or leaking. Make sure there are no oils or food remnants in the microwave before heating.



Eva M 05/03/2024

Very nice product ,impressive , well made Have not had a chance to tested yet. I’m sure it will work just great

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