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Last Chance: Avert Their Crisis Now! – Donate To Help Save At-Risk Shelter Dogs This St. Patrick’s Day


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The clock is ticking for a planeload of dogs and cats in a local shelter, victims of overcrowding and rising inflation costs. These animals are on the cusp of losing everything, their lives are at-risk, but YOU can help us save them. In partnership with Greater Good Charities, a rescue in New Jersey is standing by, ready to give them the forever homes they deserve. Unfortunately,  it’s a race against time to save these lives, we must fly them by March 14th.Without your immediate support, they won’t get their lucky chance at a forever home. Your purchase or direct donation from our Second Chance™ flight collection is their ticket to safety, to a future where love and care await them. Will you help us fly them to safety on March 14th?


Sherri 04/05/2024

So happy about these flights! So glad to help

Carol 04/05/2024

Love helping dogs find new homes and get a second chance

Susan 04/05/2024

Whenever I donate to freedom flights I find it worthwhile. Also when I've bought Cannanine oil it really works to help calm the dogs

Sandy 04/04/2024

I am always happy with the products I purchase from I Heart Dogs.

Gloria 04/04/2024

I think it is wonderful that these flights can fly dogs and cats from overcrowded shelters to shelters where they have a better chance of getting their forever homes.

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