Golden Retriever Who’s Always Loved Puppies Finally Gets One Of His Own

Pork is a delightful Golden Retriever, and Pork certainly lives up to his reputation. But there was always something lacking. Pork adores other pooches and longed for a brother or sister of his own.


Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video



The new puppy, Teddy Sugar, was brought home by its owners, and they made sure to film Pork’s and Teddy Sugar’s initial encounter. The small but not afraid of him Teddy Sugar leans in toward him to get some more sniffs while Pork does the same.



Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video



Pork immediately goes into play mode, pouncing all over the place. He appears to be very pleased about having a new little sister. Teddy Sister doesn’t hesitate to join in and begin licking, nipping, and crawling all over Pork. By the end of their first encounter, the two of them are so exhausted that they fall asleep together next to each other for a rest.



Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video


It’s very clear that these two are going to be the closest of pals or as we like to say, BFFs!


Watch this adorable dynamic duo in the video below. Please be sure to ‘SHARE’ with a friend or family member!


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