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Pup Refuses To Be Alone And Played With “Imaginary Friends” After Not Being Adopted

Written by: Clarisse Q
Clarisse's heart led her away from college and straight to animals. With eight rescued cats at home and a dedication to the stray dogs in her neighborhood, she lives her passion daily. Now a freelance SEO writer for a dog magazine, Clarisse masterfully weaves her love for animals into her writing. Her articles do more than inform—they inspire and connect with fellow animal enthusiasts, fostering a community of compassion. For Clarisse, each story she writes is a chance to change the world, one paw at a time. Expertise: Writing Viral Content Education: Central Mindanao University Location: Caraga, Philippines Title: Editorial ContributorRead more
| Published on May 15, 2024

Every year on Black Friday, the Metro East Humane Society hosts a special event where adoption fees are waived, thanks to the generosity of sponsors. This initiative helps many shelter animals find loving homes.

This past event was a huge success, with 94 animals, including 64 dogs, finding their forever families. Amidst the excitement and joy of the day, one pup named Frito was unfortunately left behind. Despite the overwhelming success, Frito’s search for a home continues, and he remains hopeful that his perfect match will soon come along.

Image Source Credit: Metro East Humane Society via The Dodo

Despite the happiness around, Frito didn’t find a home. “She is a very lovely and deserving girl, so it was a shame that she was overlooked and no one came forward for her. We all know how special Frito is, so to see so many people pass her by was upsetting,” said Ali Hillard, the program manager.

When Frito returned to the shelter in Madison County, Illinois, it was very quiet. She realized she was the only one left. The shelter workers comforted her before she went back to her kennel, telling her things would be okay.

Image Source Credit via Metro East Humane Society via The Dodo

The next day, Frito showed she wasn’t going to be sad. She played in the yard with her ‘imaginary friends’ and seemed really happy. The shelter staff shared this cute moment in a TikTok video.

Everyone at the shelter hopes Frito will find her forever home soon. “Frito is really not a picky girl. Her ideal forever home would be any home looking for a dog that is a healthy mix of both sweet and cuddly while also being super silly and playful,” Hillard explained.

Frito is now in a foster home and enjoying it. She’s finally getting to feel what it’s like to have a home, and everyone is rooting for her to find a permanent one soon. Frito deserves to be loved a lot.