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Pup In A Diaper Was Rotting In A Ditch, Man Picked Her Up And Choked

Written by: Dee Michaels
Dee Michaels is a passionate and accomplished writer, renowned for his heartwarming and engaging stories on more
| Published on August 6, 2023

A dog was lying in a ditch, and a caller reported that they had to go come right away to rescue them. The dog was sluggish and frightened, according to the caller. A blanket was taken by one of the rescuers and wrapped it around her. When he pulled her out of the hole, they realized how bad she had been injured and knew that he needed to get her help immediately.


Image/Story Source Credit: Animal Shelter via YouTube Video



The small dog’s legs were shattered and severely damaged. Her injuries were also decomposing at this point. Their noses were overwhelmed by the stench of decay. Now it was time to transport her to the animal hospital as soon as possible. The veterinarian claimed that he could preserve her life if he performed emergency surgery. The drawback was that he would be unable to restore use of her limbs which was very unfortunate.



Image/Story Source Credit: Animal Shelter via YouTube Video



Cookie is the name given to the dog after she was saved and she is a sweetheart. You can see how happy she was as she ate her first real meal in a very long time. It’s heartbreaking to consider how long it had been since she’d been properly cared for. No dog should ever be treated or tortured like this. They deserve our love and all of us need to be their voices.



Image/Story Source Credit: Animal Shelter via YouTube Video



Despite having gone through so much, Cookie is a happy dog who adores people. She has a big, caring heart. Her saviors were contacted by a wonderful family while she recuperated at the veterinarian’s office. They wanted to take her in as their own. They also agreed to work with her to improve her health and fitness levels.



Image/Story Source Credit: Animal Shelter via YouTube Video



Her new family adores her, and they don’t mind that she needs to wear a diaper or that she can’t walk. They understand that she’s worth every effort and more to now enjoy a loving life that every dog deserves. At the end of the rescue video below, you will see Cookie in her new home, living her best life! This is the happy ending we wish for all animals everywhere.


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