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Puppy Found Roadside With Broken Back Finds Help from Unexpected Friend

Written by: Clarisse Q
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| Published on May 15, 2024

The world often presents stories of cruelty that are hard to understand, especially when those suffering are the ones who can least defend themselves. One such victim was General, a dog found abandoned and in dire need of help. A kind-hearted passerby discovered him lying on the street, unable to move his back legs. This person did what they could by giving General food and water and then urgently calling for additional help.

“The heartless acts of some people continue to shock us every day. Unfortunately, those who need them the most are often the main targets of their cruelty.”

A rescue worker responded to the call and rushed to the scene. She found General sheltered under a box, placed there by the passerby to shield him from the sun. The sight of the paralyzed and helpless dog spurred her into immediate action.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

Upon arriving at the veterinary clinic, it was quickly discovered that General was severely underweight at only 3.5 pounds. More devastating, however, was the diagnosis that his spine was broken. Emergency surgery was the only option to save his life.

“Every now and then, we come across stories about abandoned, neglected, or abused animals that truly break hearts.”

The surgery was challenging but successful. Despite the odds, General displayed immense courage during his recovery, enduring not only the initial surgery but also subsequent medical treatments and another smaller operation. His determination and joyful spirit began to shine through as he made slow but positive progress.

After nearly three weeks of intensive care, General was strong enough to leave the hospital. He was placed in a foster home under the care of the woman who had rescued him, where he would continue to recover and hopefully find a permanent home.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

It didn’t take long for a family to fall in love with General and decide to adopt him. Despite his disability and the fact that he couldn’t walk properly, they embraced him wholeheartedly.

“Despite his disability and the fact that he wasn’t able to walk properly, General was welcomed with open arms in his new home.”

General’s new family was committed to improving his quality of life. They sought various treatments to help him walk, including a consultation for stem therapy. Despite the vet’s doubts about the likelihood of General walking again, the family remained hopeful and pursued the recommended therapy. Unfortunately, the vet’s initial predictions were correct, and the therapy did not enable General to walk again.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

Though General would remain paralyzed, this setback didn’t dampen his spirit. His family helped him adapt to his new limitations by getting him a specially designed dog wheelchair. After a few tries, General mastered the use of his new aid, regaining some independence and the ability to explore and play like other dogs.

“Neither the fact that he was left on the street, nor that someone mercilessly broke his spine, nor the fact that he will remain paralyzed forever destroyed General’s will to live.”

General continues to enjoy every day with enthusiasm and love, surrounded by a family that adores him and canine siblings that play with him. His story is not just one of survival, but a powerful example of how compassion and resilience can triumph over adversity.

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