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Puppy Owner’s Playdate Invites Evolved Into A Doggy Social Club With 40+ Members


Dog lover Scott Milne of Aberdeen in the UK came up with a genius way to socialize his new puppy named Bella.

Milne and his wife adopted the German Shepherd pup after the passing of their former dog, who died after becoming ill in his old age. When the couple couldn’t find any local classes to socialize Bella, they decided to post an invitation on Facebook for anyone wanted to join them on a group walk.

About six dogs and their people showed up for the first event; some weeks later, the head count is now over 40!

“It just kind of kicked off,” Milne said in a story by the Evening Express. “It’s going really, really well. I’m happy with how it’s all going…It’s just to get everybody together and meet new people.”

Said group member Jeanette Maan in the article, “It’s good to see all the dogs playing together, everybody meeting up and just the social aspect of it…It stimulates them. They say 10 minutes playing with other dogs is better than two hours walking.”

She added, “It’s good because it’s all different dogs. It’s not just the same breed.”

The group’s Facebook page, Aberdonian Dog Owner’s Club, is at an impressive 700 members – and counting! Needless to say, the now 9-month-old Bella has made her fair share of friends!

It just goes to show how many dog lovers are out there. This is such an awesome idea to get dogs excited, exercised, and socialized. Not to mention, any place where there are multiple pups milling around is any dog lover’s dream come true!

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