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UPDATE: Two-Legged Rescue Puppy Will Walk Right Into Your Heart On His New Prosthetic Legs

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi
Dina Fantegrossi is the Assistant Editor and Head Writer for HomeLife Media. Before her career in writing, Dina was a veterinary technician for more than 15 years.Read more
| Published on April 20, 2022

Life did not get off to a promising start for Cupid. The adorable fluffy puppy was found sealed in a trash bag in a Toronto dumpster this January. He was just 7-weeks-old, born without front limbs, and tossed out like garbage to die in the frigid weather.

Now, not only has Cupid stolen the hearts of his Facebook fans, he has also been fitted with new prosthetic legs!



Cupid was named for his little heart-shaped nose and sweet personality by his devoted caretakers at The Dog Rescuers, Inc., a non-profit group based in Oakville, Ontario. Under their care he has grown and thrived. His veterinarian believes that Cupid is a Great Pyrenees Mix and that his disability is a result of a genetic condition, not abuse.


His custom-designed prosthetic front limbs were created and donated by the Toronto-based company, Pawsability. A tiny pair of training skis have been affixed to Cupid’s new legs to help him build muscles in his back legs and core, as well as get used to walking on four limbs. They also come in mighty handy during the snowy Canadian winter!


According to The Dog Rescuers Facebook page, Cupid is doing great on his new legs and will be ready for adoption soon!


Can’t adopt, but want to help with Cupid’s rehab and the many other special pups rescued by this amazing organization? Click here to make a donation.

Update, 10/2021

Cupid has gotten SOOOOO BIG and is thriving in a home with a family who loves him!!!


The Dog Rescuers, Inc. recently shared this heartwarming post about Cupid to their Facebook page:

“Blessed, thankful, grateful are all words used Thanksgiving weekend and throughout the Holidays. We are thankful for all that we have and all our blessings.sadly there are still people to which this means the things they have , objects they have acquired. For many of us our blessings are our family and this includes our pets.
Years back a small puppy born without front arms was put into a bag , it was tied , and he was thrown into the garbage.
His fate was changed when a passerby chose to investigate the sounds he heard coming from a garbage bin in the busy downtown area. Soon this sweet boy landed in our care. An immediate trip to the emerg hospital proved he would be fine
and he was placed under the loving wing of his foster parents Linda and Bob and so the journey began. We named him CUPID for his little heart shaped nose and the time of year. We were determined to get him off the ground and mobile and so began fittings and brainstorms with Janice and her Toronto based company PawsAbility. His early months had him in little “skiis” and that grew eventually to his “wheels” , a custom made wheelchair that grew as he did.
Over time his little story became big news and the outpouring of well wishes and inquiries was overwhelming and heart melting at the same time. This sweet little boy who someone had tried to throw away like garbage was touching hearts and souls on a global level, donations cane in to help with his vet bills and wheelchair costs. Such a tremendous , emotional outreach to a little dog that someone threw in a trash can Everyone in our rescue was so thankful, so grateful to see that so many people stopped and found places in their hearts for this little dog they had never even met.

Hundreds upon hundreds of applications to adopt him were received and when the time came it was crystal clear to all of us that Cupid was already home. This little bundle of love had already adopted his foster parents and he was already in his perfect home. Cupid now known as ‘Q” has a great life between his canine siblings, summers swimming in the lake and his doting parents , especially his Mom and best friend Linda who not only wear her ‘heart on her sleeve’ but has Q tattooed on her arm ! We love when things all fit together and her beautiful artwork is done by local artist Bert Jackson who also added an addition to his family from our rescue. ❤️

Cupid’s story is a “happy tail” but is also a Thanksgiving story of the world coming together and being thankful that this one little life survived. This Thanksgiving let’s be thankful for everyone who is part of our family and hope that everyone feels as blessed as we do and stops to find a place in their hearts for all the lives out there- big or small❤️
Huge THANKS to all who help us to make a difference in so many lives! We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving🍁 Stay safe!



Featured Images via Facebook/The Dog Rescuers, Inc


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