Puppy Throws Fit About Being Refused Lap Time

Everyone loves to let an adorable little puppy curl up on their lap. They are warm and snuggly and soft and make us feel calm and content. However, it’s not always safe to have a lap dog at their post, especially while driving. A foster puppy who was denied access to his foster mom’s lap during a drive got adorably vocal to show his displeasure with being denied.

C’mon Mom, Let me Get on Your Lap!

As you can see in the video below, this cute little puppy is not happy with where he’s riding. He starts out with little clipped grunts. As he continually gets ignored, the best way moms everywhere deal with tantrums from every species, he gets more riled up. He starts sticking his tongue out and making growling noises. He stares intently at his mom, trying to win her over with those cute puppy dog eyes. He’s not having it. At one point, becoming exacerbated, the foster mom tells him playfully, “you’re so bad!”

Dogs Love to Throw Tantrums, in the Cutest Possible Way

Those of us who have human kids know that tantrums are usually far from cute. They provoke feelings of frustration and embarrassment and when they are going down we want nothing more than to make it stop. Somehow, though, a puppy or dog vocally putting their paw down brings about joy and smiles. Just check out this character. Walter the Frenchie is known far and wide for his howling appeals when he feels wronged. In this video, he is wailing because he is forced to wait in traffic. We get it Walter, traffic is for the birds. His mom tells him, “let’s not right now.” He controls himself momentarily. He starts up again and she says again, “let’s just not right now.” He can’t help himself. He loses it. And the results are hilarious.


Big Dogs Throw Tantrums, Too

Don’t think that just because a dog is big he won’t throw a tantrum to rival his small dog counterparts. Big dogs can get right in there and talk back to Mom or Dad just as well as a little dog. Take this Great Dane, for example. Dinky is not happy that his brother is getting “lovins” from their Dad. He protests for nearly two minutes straight while Mom eggs him on and lets the camera roll. The impatient pup continually gets off the couch and nudges his dad for affection but Dad insists that “it’s Ro-Ro’s turn.” Dinky is not having it.

What does your puppy throw a fit about? Share your puppy tantrum stories with the community in the comments!

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