‘Fire-Breathing Demon’ Dog Is Looking For His Third Forever Home

Usually, when creating an online listing for a dog that an animal shelter is eager to get adopted, they make a long list of appealing attributes. But when one New York-based animal shelter tapped into the power of social media to get a “colorful character” adopted, they went with a brutally honest review. 

And the results were both helpful for a future family, and highly entertaining for fellow dog lovers.


At a quick glance, Ralphie is an adorable, young, and extremely desirable French Bulldog. After all, he’s a handsome, 26-pound hunk. But Niagara SPCA staff were quite clear when they posted to Facebook that potential adopters should “proceed at their own risk.”

Ralphie may look innocent enough, but he’s actually “a terror in a somewhat small package.”

Instead of sugar-coating Ralphie’s crazy quirks, Niagara SPCA explained that he would be an incredibly adorable handful, and quite frankly, a full fledged jerk. But, adorable jerks deserve forever homes too! Besides, I bet that the right family will find his quirks extremely endearing. 


Ralphie’s history entails two previous owners. In his first home, his family allowed Ralphie to be the boss, and their relationship ended abruptly. When he went to his second home, he was, let’s just say, “a bit too much” for his older, furry sibling, and Ralphie was returned. 

“What they actually meant was: Ralphie is a fire-breathing demon and will eat our dog, but hey, he’s only 26lbs,” said the Facebook post regarding Ralphie’s owner history.

But by his behavior, it’s obvious that Ralphie needs a very patient person with a firmer hand who will be able to keep him in line. Otherwise, he will run the roost.

If you’re interested in adopting Ralphie, you will need to have:

  • A home free of children or other animals 
  • An extreme amount of patience, and a calm, stern hand 
  • A sense of humor, and minimal attachment to personal items, as this little rascal is bound to bite, break, or steal some of your stuff 
  • A deep desire to be a dog trainer or to take him to be properly trained

Let’s see if we can get this little firecracker a family of his very own! He’s bound to give you a run for your money, but your life will certainly never be boring again. Plus, his previous trainers are willing to pass along all the training tools they believe Ralphie needs to be successful in a home.

You can support Ralphie, or check-out the extremely honest Facebook post HERE.

And, if you’re interested in adopting Ralphie, you can call 716-731-4368 ext 301. Serious inquiries only.

Featured Image: Facebook

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