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RECALL: Deadly Aflatoxin Recall Expanded After 70 Pets Die

Written by: Molly Weinfurter
Molly Weinfurter is a writer for iHeartDogs, and she’s passionate about helping animals in need. She volunteers for Bailing Out Benji and a local dog rescue.Read more
| Published on January 12, 2021

2020 ended with nine lots of Sportmix food getting recalled for deadly aflatoxin. At the time, the FDA was aware of 28 deaths and 8 illnesses related to the recall. After further research, more dog and cat food produced in Midwestern Pet Foods’ Oklahoma plant was recalled as well. The recall now includes over 1,000 lots of Sportmix and three other brands.

This is an ongoing investigation, so the product list and number of cases may increase as more information is revealed. Please proceed with caution to ensure that your furry friend stays safe.

Sportmix Recall
Image: @sportmixpetfood/Facebook

What was Recalled?

As of January 11th, 2021, the FDA knows of 70 deaths and 80 illnesses in pets related to this recall. Midwestern Pet Foods expanded the recall to include all their products that contained corn produced by a certain date. Any of these recalled products could be linked to the aflatoxin poisoning.

The following products are all included in this recall. The affected food has an expiration date of “7/09/22” or sooner, and a date/lot code with “05” in it:

  • Pro Pac Adult Mini Chunk, 40 lb. bag
  • Pro Pac Performance Puppy, 40 lb. bag
  • Splash Fat Cat 32%, 50 lb. bag
  • Nunn Better Maintenance, 50 lb. bag
  • Sportmix Original Cat, 15 lb. bag
  • Sportmix Original Cat, 31 lb. bag
  • Sportmix Maintenance, 44 lb. bag
  • Sportmix Maintenance, 50 lb. bag
  • Sportmix High Protein, 50 lb. bag
  • Sportmix Energy Plus, 44 lb. bag
  • Sportmix Energy Plus, 50 lb. bag
  • Sportmix Stamina, 44 lb. bag
  • Sportmix Stamina, 50 lb. bag
  • Sportmix Bite Size, 40 lb. bag
  • Sportmix Bite Size, 44 lb. bag
  • Sportmix High Energy, 44 lb. bag
  • Sportmix High Energy, 50 lb. bag
  • Sportmix Premium Puppy, 16.5 lb. bag
  • Sportmix Premium Puppy, 33 lb. bag
Sportmix Bite Size
Image: @sportmixpetfood/Facebook

The lot code can be found on the back of the bag toward the top. The format is a three-line code that looks like this: “EXP 03/03/22/05/L#/B###/HH:MM”. Only codes with “05” in them are affected because that indicates they were made in the Oklahoma plant.

What is Aflatoxin Poisoning?

Aflatoxin is a by-product of mold that could be dangerous or even deadly in large quantities. In fact, aflatoxin could be present in your dog’s food without you seeing any mold. Aflatoxin is often related to corn-based diets, and the mold is most likely to appear during drought seasons.

Pets are much more at risk of aflatoxin poisoning than humans because they eat the same food every single day. If that food is contaminated with aflatoxin, the mold will build up inside them every time they eat. It might be difficult to spot until symptoms worsen. In extreme cases, aflatoxin can cause long-term liver problems or even death.

Here are some symptoms of aflatoxin poisoning in pets:

  • Vomiting
  • Loss of energy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Jaundice
Dog rolling in snow
Image: @sportmixpetfood/Facebook

If your dog or cat experiences any of the above symptoms after consuming a recalled product, contact your vet immediately. There’s no evidence that humans can become infected by touching the recalled food, but it’s always advised that you wash your hands after handling any dog food.

What Should You Do if You Have a Recalled Product?

If you have one of the recalled products, stop feeding it immediately. Dispose of it in a way where no pets, children, or wild animals can get a hold of it. Then, thoroughly wash any counters, containers, and dishes that the food could’ve touched.

You can contact the place you purchased it from or the manufacturer for refund information. Additionally, you can reach Midwestern Pet Foods directly for further questions at 1-800-474-4163, ext. 455 or

If you already fed some of the recalled product to your dog, contact your vet right away. Alert them of any symptoms or unusual behaviors your dog is experiencing.

Featured Image: @sportmixpetfood/Facebook

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