Rescue Dog Becomes An Emotional Support Pet To A Shelter Full Of Cats

Megan Sorbara, president of the rescue group Naples Cat Alliance, was driving through a busy Florida intersection with her boyfriend Dominick when they spotted a tiny, frightened dog on the corner.

The couple had no idea that the little mutt they named Bitsy would become far more than their beloved pet. Bitsy would become NCA’s mascot as well as a friend, protector, foster mom and confidant to the shelter cats.

After chasing Bitsy across six lanes of traffic, Sorbara finally captured the pup in a store parking lot. Back at the shelter they discovered two things: the little dog was not microchipped and she was not the slightest bit phased by the presence of dozens of cats!

The couple decided to keep Bitsy as their own, and after a good bath, flea treatment and some brand new supplies, she settled right in to her new life. Bitsy spends her days mingling with the kitties of NCA and shopping for the shelter with Dominick.

Here she is stocking up on cat food at Target…

Picking up paint at Home Depot…

Socializing at Costco…

And visiting the local tractor supply for some much needed kitty litter!

Sorbara often fosters abandoned kittens in her home and Bitsy is always eager to help out and mentor the new arrivals.

Bitsy also pitches in by riding along on trap and release missions. Whenever a frightened cat is picked up, she will curl up on top of the crate or trap to provide a bit of comfort on the trip back to the shelter.

The long-term cat residents of NCA have come to accept Bitsy as a slightly larger, odd-looking member of their peer group. Here she is snuggling with Roger, a special needs kitty who survived a gunshot to the spine and is still searching for his forever home.

When she’s not “working” Bitsy enjoys accompanying her parents to dog-friendly eateries around their Florida community.

Despite her refined palate, Bitsy is not above sneaking a few bites of cat kibble from time to time.

Most days Bitsy’s job at NCA is easy and fun, but even when it isn’t she is still committed. Recently a cat named Missy fell ill. Bitsy has remained vigilantly by her side; a gentle, soothing presence to let her know she’s not alone in her fight.

This video shows another cat, Zoe massaging Missy’s shoulders as Bitsy lays supportively by her bedside.

Sorbara says that Bitsy has been a perfect fit for their family – the humans and the cats – from the very first day she arrived into their lives. She’s not a big fan of other dogs, but as the mascot for a cat rescue organization, that works out just fine!

All photos c/o Megan Sorbara/Naples Cat Alliance

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