Rescuer Builds Puppies An Elaborate Castle With A Moat

YouTuber “Wilderness TV” found an amazing application for his natural crafting ability. This thoughtful man builds incredible homes for homeless animals to live in. And I don’t mean just your run of the mill miniature barn style dog houses. His creations are fantastic interactive doggie living spaces.

Recently, he found 4 abandoned puppies in a cave about 1 km away from his home in Thailand. He decided that these little dogs deserved the best, and he was going to make that for them. In 2 videos posted to his channel, he showed the entire construction process and the adorable results.

Building A Castle Fit For Pups

Little did these rescued dogs know, they would soon be residing in an actual castle. Talk about a big step up! The builder began with a frame made of sticks found in the surrounding area.

Wilderness TV/YouTube

He then molded wet mud over the frame to make the exterior. All of this took hours to do.

Wilderness TV/YouTube

Once the castle was complete, there were just a few finishing touches to add. The castle had a problem attracting insects, so he dug a water-filled moat around it. He even included a fully operational draw bridge to help the pups keep dry while crossing it.

Wilderness TV/YouTube

Next, the builder put a little grass in the center to make green space. There’s even a wall around the whole thing to keep the little pups safe from siege!

Wilderness TV/YouTube

The puppies may not appreciate the authenticity and detail in the architecture, but they sure seem to love playing in the castle. There’s even a little place at the front where they can go to get treats.

Watch the videos to see those wagging tails and smiles of castle dwelling puppies!

About Wilderness TV

Believe it or not, this castle isn’t the only masterpiece YouTuber Wilderness TV has constructed for animals. As he states in the channel description:

“Wilderness TV is the channel about rescuing and saving animals and pets from dangerous places. We create nice [environments] and build them different kinds of houses by hand and ancient skills.”

In addition to the amazing castle you saw above, he’s built cottages with real fish swimming around ponds, bamboo houses, and even dinosaur playgrounds. Plus, he provides food for these hungry pups.

Wilderness TV/YouTube

Check out his channel for more adorably charming puppy builds like this!

H/T: Yahoo
Featured Image: Wilderness TV/YouTube

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