German Shepherd Doesn’t Understand Why Tiny Fluff Ball Keeps Meowing

Giant dogs and tiny kittens couldn’t be more different, but sometimes, they form the most heartwarming friendships. However, friendships don’t happen overnight. A German Shepherd named Rocky is now best friends with his feline sibling, but it took him a little while to warm up to the kitten.

Rocky’s family posted a video on YouTube showing one of the dog’s first interactions with the tiny kitten. At first, he seems very confused about the meowing fluff ball, but once he gets a good sniff, he realizes that the little cat is a friend.

German Shepherd meeting kitten

Giant Dog Meets Tiny Kitten

In the video, Rocky rests on the bed while a tiny white and orange kitten meows repeatedly. He has the cutest little meows, but Rocky doesn’t seem to understand why the little kitten is making those sounds.

Rocky sniffs the kitten a few times, and the little cat keeps crawling closer to the large, fluffy dog. The German Shepherd seems unsure of what to do with the little creature. Luckily, he understands right away that the kitten is a friend and not food.

Once Rocky feels more comfortable in the kitten’s presence, he starts giving the kitty lots of kisses. His tongue is so big that it covers the whole kitten’s face when he licks the feline. However, the kitten doesn’t seem intimidated by the dog’s large size. Instead, he embraces the kisses and looks up at the dog as if he wants more affection.

German Shepherd kissing kitten

Unlikely Friends are the Cutest!

After the heartwarming kiss from Rocky, the two adorable animals seem to grow closer. Rocky laid down on the bed and let the kitten cuddle up beside him. Yet, the kitten is too curious to sit still for long, so he gets up and continues climbing around the bed.

For the rest of the video, Rocky watches the kitten closely, but he does so very lovingly. He can tell the kitten is young and helpless, so he wants to do everything he can to protect the feline. No matter how many times you watch the interactions between these two, you’ll always say, “aw!”

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Kitten cuddling with German Shepherd

As cute as this video is, it’s important to remember that not all animals warm up to each other this quickly, especially with such a big size difference. Make sure you always do a slow transition when introducing two animals to make sure they’re both safe and comfortable.

Watch the Adorable Video Here:

Featured Image: YouTube

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