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Senior Dog Found In Car Of Deceased Owner

| Published on August 1, 2022

A recent rescue story out of Humboldt County in California had a very happy ending despite its tragic beginning. The ending could have gone the other way if not for some caring community members.

The story involves a small senior dog, a human companion who passed away, a police rescue, a local shelter with a great memory, and a caring adopter. In a time when so much of the news is bad, this story is sure to put a smile on your face and make you remember what a loving place the world can be.

Image Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Passerby Sees Small Dog Locked Inside an Abandoned Vehicle

A woman out and about in Humboldt County noticed an abandoned vehicle on the side of the road. She was surprised to find a small dog locked inside the car. She did the right thing and reported the situation to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. Officers came to the scene and freed the frightened dog. They got right to work determining who owned the vehicle and who the little dog belonged to as well.

Police Department Discovers the Dog’s Human has Passed Away

The police department’s investigation lead to an eye-opening discovery. The human companion of the found dog had actually died by suicide. According to social media comments, the man left his car to commit suicide, leaving the dog locked inside.

Local Animal Shelter Locates the Dog’s Next of Kin

Humboldt County Animal Shelter took possession of the orphaned dog and got right to work. They learned that the dog’s name was Banks. They were able to track down the next of kin, who live outside of the area where the dog was found. The relatives informed Humboldt County Animal Shelter that Banks was about 15 years old. Unable to take the dog in themselves, they asked the shelter to find Banks home to live out his golden years.

Image Six Rivers Brewery/Facebook

Humboldt County Animal Shelter Remembers a Potential Adopter

Shelter staffers work tirelessly to match dogs with the best possible adopters. In this case, the shelter’s assistant Jeanette Duncan remembered an already-qualified applicant who was looking to adopt a “nice senior dog.” Meredith Maier is the co-owner of a local dog-friendly eatery called Six Rivers Brewery. Meredith was super excited to receive the call about Banks, his story, and his need for a new forever home. 

“We are so very proud and touched to do the work that we do here at the shelter providing a safe landing spot for so many pets in need and either getting them back to their owners or on to their new lives,” Duncan wrote on Facebook.

Congratulations to Banks, Meredith, and the Humboldt County authorities for creating the best possible outcome from this sad situation.

Featured Image Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department/Facebook

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