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Senior Dog Dumped At Shelter Because She Was “Too Old”– Let’s Help Her Find A Home!

| Published on May 9, 2016

(Please scroll down for information on how to adopt Laci.)

How anyone could give up a companion who’s dedicated her whole life to be a loyal family friend is beyond us. However, it does happen–but with by sharing their stories, we can help them find homes!

Laci is a 13-year-old Shih Tzu who was surrendered to the Carson Animal Shelter on May 7th in Gardenia, California. Here was the pathetic excuse of a reason: she was “too old.”

After living her entire life in a home with a family, she has suddenly been left in unfamiliar surroundings, locked in a concrete room while strangers pass by and the loud barks of dogs echo throughout the building.

The Facebook page Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, an unofficial page run by volunteers (not the shelter itself), aims to share these shelter dog’s stories to help save lives. They warn on the page, “DOGS BECOME AT RISK FOR EUTHANASIA AT THE END OF DAY ON THEIR AVAILABLE DATE WITHOUT AN ADOPTION OR RESCUE COMMITMENT IF THEY ARE SICK OR HAVE BEHAVIORAL ISSUES or IF THE SHELTER IS AT CAPACITY.”

We can’t stop people from making selfish decisions, but we can share these stories to help innocent dogs find a home.

Information for interested adopters:

  • Click here Laci’s PetHarbor Profile
  • Call the Carson Shelter (Los Angeles County Animal Control) at: (310) 523-9566
  • Laci’s ID number is: A4946791
  • Track updates on the Saving Carson Shelter Dogs on Facebook and Instagram.

(h/t: examiner)

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