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Shop Owner Shoos Puppy Away, But His Pitiful Eyes Melt Her Resolve

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on May 15, 2024

A small puppy unexpectedly darted into a store and immediately hid in a corner. Despite the store owner’s initial attempts to shoo him away, his pitiful eyes soon melted her resolve, and she allowed him to stay. As the afternoon came to a close and she prepared to shut the shop, she decided to take the dog home with her. The dog behaved quietly during the car ride. Upon arriving, he cautiously entered her home, inspecting every nook and cranny until he felt secure enough to relax. The woman examined him briefly; his ears and eyes were in good condition, but he was noticeably thin, clearly having been a stray.


Smaller than the household cats, the newcomer had to settle for cat food as there was no dog food available. After eating, he attempted to play with the cats. That night, the woman set up a temporary dog bed for him and placed food and water beside it.

The next morning, the dog eagerly awaited her by the door, wagging his tail continuously, showing his happiness. He followed her around closely all day. She cleaned the tear stains from his eyes and administered eye drops and ear medicine. He spent the day trying to interact with the cats, who were less than enthusiastic about his company. But she hoped they would eventually warm up to him.


Three days into the adoption, the dog continued to impress with his good behavior, remaining quiet and obedient. Each morning, he greeted his new mom at the door, showing his attachment. As no one else was at home to care for him, she decided to take him to the store with her. Anxious in the car, he even shed a few tears, possibly fearing abandonment again.


Upon reaching the store, he was too frightened to leave the car on his own. He was too scared to walk on the ground, so she had to carry him to the entrance. He hesitated at the door, possibly recognizing it as the place where he was previously abandoned. She spent time reassuring him, and gradually, he became less nervous.


After a while, he relaxed and fell asleep on the sofa, seemingly content in his new environment. The change from being a stray to finding a loving owner who provided him with a safe home marked a new, promising chapter for the little dog.

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