Silly Dog Doodle Sneaks Into Her Food Container For Snack Shenanigans

Dogs can be the silliest clowns and it’s one of the millions of reasons we love them, but sometimes dogs do derpy things that leave us laughing and shaking our heads at the same time.

And food seems to be the trigger for some of the goofiest moments!

Ask Doodle the dog.

She recently pulled off some snack shenanigans that cracked her mom up, but also left this funny dog with a new Doodle-proof food container!

Brandy Stenzel/Facebook

Where’s that Doodle Dog?

Brandy Stenzel, Doodle’s mom, was doing laundry and she realized her usual three-legged, freckled shadow was nowhere to be found. She told the Dodo, “I first noticed she was missing after I didn’t see her next to me which she’s normally pretty close to me when I’m home.”

Plus, the house was way too quiet. You know that silence. The one that feels heavy with the vibes your dog is up to no good!

So, Brandy decided to investigate.

Brandy Stenzel/Facebook

She hunted high and low and found the house empty of a Doodle! Brandy even checked outside, thinking her tricky dog had slipped through the door. But no Doodle.

Then, she heard a familiar noise. A crunching. “I knew that crunching sound was her but I didn’t know where it was initially coming from.”

Doodle wasn’t at her food bowl, so Brandi checked the dogfood container. Guess who she found sitting inside having herself a regular food fest?

Brandy Stenzel/Facebook

Yep, there sat silly dog Doodle munching away after she’d slipped inside the container. Brandy reports Doodle could have gotten out as easily as she got in too. “The food bin was hinged on one side so she easily could have hopped right out if she wanted to, but she’s a pork chop so she didn’t want to.”

Sounds brilliant when you’re food-motivated!

Doodle made sure to scarf down a few more bites before going into her guilty dog routine.

“She knew she got caught so when that happens she puts her ears back and it makes her look like Dobby the house elf of ‘Harry Potter.’”

Brandy Stenzel via The Dodo

And what did Doodle have to say about her pig out? “I mean, this is like hitting the Lotto right?”

The hungry dog also mentioned she couldn’t help herself because “My passion in life is food.”

But Doodle’s family has thwarted further bin buffets…

New Container, Sad Doodle

Now, Doodle’s food is stored in a new container that locks on top, but she still tries to get in anyhow. The hungry girl said, “Dad will forget to lock it and I’ll flip it up but my mom’s a killjoy and stops me before I can get anything.”

Brandy Stenzel/Facebook

Oh Doodle, you’re a silly dog!

Feature Image: Brandy Stenzel/Facebook

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