Sleepy Dogs And Cats Caught With Adorable Bedhead

Cats and dogs have a knack for sleeping. They’ve certainly been gifted with the ability to make naps look like the best thing ever. As we watch with envy, our furballs contort their bodies into positions of ultimate comfort and snore away in a slumbering peace humans can never hope to achieve!

And when a cat or dog first wakes from the deepest of sleeps, they wear some of their funniest looks…

Kitty cat cowlicks. Doggo pelt rumples. Flipped ears. Expressions of pure derp upon first waking.

Oh, how our cute little bedheads make us want to grab a camera when they open their eyes from sweet slumber!

Cats and Dogs with Bedhead So Good It Had to Be Captured

Dunkin woke up “Doing My Best Einstein Impression” and his calculations seem to check out well, as if coming to him in a dream!
“E= MC²    Enjoyment = Meat x Cheese Squared”


Popeye has bedhead but like… with his whiskers.”

Olivia Novelle/Facebook

Sleepy Saluki Franklin is awake, maybe…


Fluffy wants to know why the hooman would dare wake a cat from his glorious nap?


She may have some bedhead, but after all day snoozing, Millie feels good!


Princess Waimea is all ears, just let her reacclimate to the world of the awake right quick!


Archduke Archibald VonTomatoface looks more like the Emperor of Bedhead when freshly awakened!


Sunday mornings are for bedhead, according to Princess Sasha Kitty…


Some dogs wake up alert and ready for the day, but Romeo just needs a minute…


Sedona looks like her nap felt great, she’s all smiles and rumpled fur!


Somebody get Olive a comb so she can brush down brother Aramis’s beautiful bedhead!

Barnaby assures, “I’m in here somewhere.”


Sophie is sure cute with her messy hair, waking up with the most adorable little warning, “Human!?! Keep waking me up, you’ll see!”


Ginger is newly awake and hungry…better get that kitty a snack!


“Someone’s not a morning person….”


Edgar wants you to know, “I woke up like this.”


Oh Miss Ruby Marie, could you and your bedhead be any sweeter?

Miss Ruby Marie/Facebook

Beth the kitten doesn’t bedhead, she gets bedbody!

Sparkle Cat Rescue/Facebook

Theo says he’s “not a morning purrrson,” but he sure is handsome…


Going back to sleep! Gizmo is a tiny pup with a big case of bedhead…


A nap and a bath from big brother can sure give a kitten the cutest bedhead floof!


Feature Image: @azrose_in_iafields/Instagram & @barnaby_persian/Instagram

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