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Somber Puppy Received Medical Care But They Couldn’t Heal Her Sad Soul

Written by: Dee Michaels
Dee Michaels is a passionate and accomplished writer, renowned for his heartwarming and engaging stories on more
| Published on October 26, 2022

Strays are taken care of in many areas of the world by kind individuals. There is no way that enough shelters could be built to house all of the homeless animals, even if hundreds were created. A woman was caring for a tiny puppy named Suzie when she became badly injured.

When the responders arrived, the tiny puppy raised her head and gazed at them beseechingly. She knew she needed assistance. She was composed but anxious and was certainly in a lot of discomfort – yet she remained strong for those around her. The rescuers knelt down and assured Suzie that everything would be okay.


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Image (Screenshot)/Story Credit Source: Animal Aid via YouTube Video



The rescuers tried to get Suzie to stand, but her one leg was swollen so badly. It was no longer feasible for her to stand. It was time to transfer this brave little dog to the Animal Aid rescue center for a medical evaluation. The one individual carried her carefully into their car. Despite Suzie’s cooperation, she appeared frightened.


Image (Screenshot)/Story Credit Source: Animal Aid via YouTube Video



This was the first time being away from home for Suzie. Yes, she spent time in the woman’s yard, but it was fine and enjoyable for her, especially when she spent time in the yard with the other lady pets. When Suzie traveled to the rescue center, her new human friends could see that she was bewildered and frightened.



Image (Screenshot)/Story Credit Source: Animal Aid via YouTube Video



Suzie’s suffering was relieved, but she remained terrified and withdrawn. When the medical team examined her, they were cautious. They treated Suzie’s tiny pup with extra care because they understood her agony and dread. They thoroughly examined Suzie’s entire body. As they attempted to get Suzie up, it became apparent that her leg was severely fractured. After that came the difficult task of devising a treatment strategy.



Image (Screenshot)/Story Credit Source: Animal Aid via YouTube Video



Suzie was taken to the medical center, where a splint and leg support was applied. Despite everything, she was very patient with them. They were cautiously optimistic that her mood would improve once her discomfort subsided and she realized she was secure, as they state in the video below. She appeared devastated!



Image (Screenshot)/Story Credit Source: Animal Aid via YouTube Video



During the night, one of the vet technicians put ointment on Suzie’s head wound. It was time for this little one to get some rest now! They wanted to give Suzie a nice dinner after she awoke. She ate but remained sad. They felt she was homesick because of it. They placed her with other dogs her age so she wouldn’t feel lonely after her meal. After an hour or so, Suzie accepted the pups as new friends. She even snuggled with them!



Image (Screenshot)/Story Credit Source: Animal Aid via YouTube Video



Suzie’s fractured leg healed considerably after a while at the rescue center. They won’t consider her well until she appears cheerful, though. It was more than simply about mending her physical health; they wanted to restore her emotional well-being as well! Check out the video below to see what happens next with little Suzie. It is well worth it! Each year, Animal Aid saves thousands of animals from death. We are tremendously grateful for all that they do.


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