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Springer Spaniel Helps Push Car Down Flooded Street

| Published on August 10, 2021

Glasgow, Scotland experienced terrible thunderstorms this August, resulting in floodwaters several feet high. On Sunday August 15th, 2021, two women found themselves trapped in their car on Harland Street, which had flooded.

A kind bystander, Lori Gillies, waded through the floodwaters to help. The whole way, her Springer Spaniel Puck swam right behind her to the car. What followed was an awesome and somehow adorable dog/person team rescue.

Lori Gillies via Facebook

Teamwork Makes The Rescue Work

Prior to helping two people in trouble, Gillies and Puck had just been out for a regular walk. Always in sync, both dog and person went to the back of the car to push it to drier land when they spotted it. Gillies described the events to The Daily Record:

“Puck and I were out on our usual walk and there was a car that was stuck in the water. There were two women inside and I went down to give them a hand.”

In an incredible video of the assist she has since shared to Facebook, you can see the sympathetic dog coming to the rescue as well. Puck, the ever helpful companion, supports his person by offering up both paws to the pushing efforts. The two guide the car through the water from the back.

Lori Gillies via Facebook

Gillies and Puck didn’t do this for the attention though. The video was filmed by another local named Davie Keel, whose commentary adds even more to the experience. As Gillies explained when she shared it on Facebook:

Just doing a good deed helping this car and its owners get to drier land. Someone has filmed it and sent it to their pal, who sent it to my pal who sent it to me.”

Watch the awesome footage below:

Puck may be into his golden years, but he’s still as eager to pitch in as when he was a pup.

“He is 10 but he is a fit 10. We have horses so he’s always on the farm and we do munro bagging. He is on his 52nd one in 12 months.”

Did Puck Help Or “Help?”

Did Puck know exactly what he was doing when he put both paws up on the car? It’s possible he really was trying to help. A dog’s strength helps in many situations, like working dogs who drive sleds or carry packages.

It’s more likely Puck was imitating his human’s behaviors, something dogs are known to do. Some dogs mimic human behaviors involuntarily based on the response this behavior gets. Sometimes dogs perform human-like behaviors simply because they’re so in tune with humans from evolving alongside us.

Either way, the video sure makes it look like he’s equally responsible for helping the two women trapped in the car get out of a tough spot. Not to worry though, the dog was well rewarded for his good deed.

“Puck got a very nice extra big dinner last night. He got meat with gravy and biscuits with extra meat.”

Lori Gillies via Facebook

You deserve it Puck!

H/T: Glasgow Live
Featured Image: Lori Gillies via Facebook

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