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Dog ‘On The List’ Cries Of Distress Vibrated Shelter Walls

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on June 7, 2024

Never underestimate the transformative power of love, a lesson vividly illustrated by the story of Stella, a gray and white dog who was found wandering the streets of Atlanta, Georgia. Her past was marred by trauma after being exploited for breeding and callously discarded when she was no longer deemed useful by her owner. When she was discovered, her distrust in humanity was palpable, evidenced by a heartbreaking bark at anyone who dared approach. Stella’s fate seemed sealed when animal control picked her up; due to her inability to socialize, she was scheduled to be euthanized.


However, the compassionate individuals at LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta refused to give up on her. With assistance from their partners at Fly With Me Animal Rescue, they provided Stella with a temporary shelter, setting the stage for her recovery and search for a forever home.

Krista Keough’s connection to Stella seemed destined by fate. After experiencing a vivid dream about running on the beach with a gray and white dog, Krista saw Stella’s photo on the rescue’s Instagram and felt an immediate pull. During their first meeting, the bond was instant. Stella, perhaps sensing a turning point, rested her head in Krista’s arms, her gesture seeming to say, “Thank you. You’re all mine now!”

Krista took Stella home, ensuring a gradual introduction to her other dog, Apollo, and creating a nurturing environment for Stella to adjust to her new life. Despite initial challenges—Stella’s traumatic past manifested in her guarded behavior and frequent barking. But her new family remained patient.


Over time, with love and persistence, Stella began to show signs of transformation. She warmed up to Apollo, and the two dogs soon became inseparable companions. Beneath her layers of trauma, Stella’s true spirit began to shine through—a playful, energetic dog who loved to zoom around the yard.


Still, adapting to new situations was not without its hurdles. Krista admitted feeling overwhelmed at times but drew inspiration from Stella’s resilience. “If she can overcome that, then I can certainly make some changes in my life to accommodate her and give her the things that she needs,” Krista reflected in the video below. This profound journey inspired Krista to write a book titled “Dear Diary, It’s Me, Stella,” chronicling the highs and lows of Stella’s life and aiming to raise awareness about the enduring spirit of rescue dogs.

Today, Stella enjoys a life filled with love and security. While shadows of her past occasionally surface, the unwavering affection from her family ensures she never feels abandoned again. In Krista’s lap, Stella has found her sanctuary, a testament to the healing power of love and the unbreakable bond between a rescue dog and her adoptive family.

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