Ukraine Stray Craving Human Contact Skulks From Bushes As Woman Puts Container Down

Since the invasion in the Ukraine, families have been forced to evacuate, leaving countless pets behind. It’s truly devastating. The once-beloved pets have mixed in with strays to form larger packs.

Volunteers with rescue groups are busier than ever providing food and clean water to animals living on the streets. 

Screenshot via YouTube

A volunteer with Stray Furry Friends walks down a particular street she knows is overrun by hungry pups. She places a container of food down and several dogs come out of hiding. She then moves to another location and then another. It’s apparent that these dogs are desperate. We are so grateful for her help!

Screenshot via YouTube

When the kindhearted woman walks further down the road, one particular dog comes out of the brush. Her tail wags with such excitement! She is so happy to see the woman. It’s as if she’s been longing for human contact for a very long time.

The pup is so grateful for the food, fresh water, and the woman’s touch. It’s just too sweet to miss. See for yourself in the video below. Thank you to all the rescue groups who never give up despite the challenges they face.

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