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Puppy Trio Guard One Another From Grueling Onslaught Of Street Life

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on May 22, 2024

Suzette Hall, who established the rescue organization Logan’s Legacy 29 in California, is frequently contacted about homeless dogs roaming the streets of Southern California in search of compassionate people to assist them. One particular day, however, she received an unusual call. A concerned citizen reached out to Hall, reporting that they had found not just one, but three adorable puppies wandering around a deserted property in Compton, sticking close to one another. Upon hearing this, Hall realized the challenge would be far from straightforward. Capturing a frightened puppy is challenging enough, catching three is even harder.

Suzette Hall/Facebook

She understood the necessity of devising a solid strategy since she was their only hope. Regrettably, her rescue effort was postponed for several days due to mechanical problems with her rescue van. Fortunately, her friend, Mary Nakiso, committed to visiting the puppies every evening to provide them with nutritious food to maintain their health and energy during the wait. When Hall finally arrived, she was touched by the puppies’ loyalty to one another.

Suzette Hall/Facebook

Hall claimed that the three pups were so scared but at least they had one another for comfort. Choosing to maintain her distance initially, she did not want to alarm the puppies by approaching too quickly. Instead, she spoke to them in a gentle, reassuring voice, offering words of encouragement to convey safety and dispel their fears. Hall quickly managed to secure the smallest of the trio, while Nakiso worked to win over the middle one. Fortunately, she succeeded swiftly, and soon both were safe.

Suzette Hall/Facebook

The smallest one loved Mary so much that she was able to rescue her easily. The smallest puppy, named Oscar, and his sister, Jolene, were safely waiting in Hall’s van while the rescuers returned for their older brother, Ollie.

The third puppy was terrified and kept retreating into a nearby garage. Realizing his deep fear, Hall and Nakiso decided it was best to give him time to calm down while they transported his siblings to Camino Pet Hospital in California. Later that evening, Hall returned to the property with additional help to capture Ollie. They set up a humane trap near the garage where he hid, hoping he would enter on his own. To her delight, she found Ollie calmly waiting in the trap the next morning.

Suzette Hall/Facebook

She quickly took the sweet boy to join his siblings at the veterinary hospital. After a thorough examination at the hospital, the puppies were sent to a foster home, overseen by Genavie Ochoa, who was eager to keep them. Although Ollie still struggled with trusting humans, his siblings were quickly adapting to domestic life.

Their humans are confident that it won’t be long before the trio sheds their troubled past for a brighter future. Ollie, Jolene, and Oscar are likely to find a loving forever home where they can fully relax and live out their dreams.

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