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A Guide To Cushing’s Disease In Dogs

Difficult to diagnose, Cushing’s disease is a condition affecting a dog’s endocrine system–the glands that produce and secrete hormones throughout the body. One of those hormones, cortisol, is responsible for stress management and balancing the immune system. Cortisol is essential for healthy body function, but too much or too little can cause problems. A dog dealing with increased levels of cortisol has hyperadrenocorticism—more commonly known as Cushing’s disease. Causes There are three types of Cushing’s disease in dogs. The most … Read more

6 Things You Never Want To See In Your Dog’s Poop 

Poop: it may not be glamorous, but it’s a key indicator of what’s going on internally. Dog owners should take a minute every day to look at their dog’s droppings and know what their pup’s poo is like on a healthy, “normal” day. We at iHeartDogs asked Dr. Michel Selmer, DVM, CTCVMP, about what sorts of red flags to look for when it comes to our companion’s stools. Also known as “The Caring Vet,” Dr. Selmer is a Certified Veterinary Food … Read more

The Truth About Dog Coats And Boots: Does Your Dog Actually Need Them?

dog coat

When winter hits full force, walking the dog gets a little more complicated. You can’t leave the house without first shoving your feet into warm boots and grabbing a coat, and the temperature might even call for gloves, a hat, and a scarf. You risk freezing if you don’t bundle up, but what about your fur-covered walking partner? The stores are full of dog coats, sweaters, boots, and even full-on snow suits. The advertisements say they keep dogs warm in … Read more

The Definitive Guide To Dog Care During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Introduction On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic. As panic and misinformation continue to spread along with the virus, many pet parents are concerned about what this may mean for their dogs.  In order to answer your questions and help allay your fears, we have created a comprehensive guide to caring for dogs during the coronavirus pandemic. While they are not the ones getting sick, this crisis is definitely affecting their lives. … Read more

7 Ways To Make Sure You Never Lose Your Dog Again

lose your dog

One second your dog is by your side, and the next, you see her turn tail and sprint in the other direction. Or maybe you let her into the yard for a bathroom break, and now she’s nowhere to be found. It takes only one second, only one small mistake, to lose your dog. It’s a situation that can quickly turn dangerous, and every second she’s missing, you don’t know if she’s hurt, afraid, hungry, or in trouble. It’s up … Read more

5 Reasons Your Dog Won’t Eat And How To Help

dog won't eat

When it comes to the canine appetite, most people are used to dogs gobbling everything in sight. They rush to eat their meals and taste test things you’d never dream of putting near your mouth. But on the opposite side of that spectrum, it’s not uncommon for dogs to be picky eaters or suddenly stop eating altogether. These are the dogs that barely nibble on their kibble and turn their wet noses up at everything in their dishes. Not eating … Read more

5 Signs You’re Dealing With A Flea Infestation

dog has fleas

There’s only one “f” word that strikes fear into the hearts of all dog people: FLEAS. These blood-feasting insects are so tiny you can barely see them, but they wreak havoc on your home. If your dog has fleas, the bugs won’t stay on their unwilling host for long. It always starts with one, but soon enough, there are fleas in your carpet, couch, blankets, and even your bed. A flea infestation takes over your entire house, and your dog … Read more

If Your Dog Is Lethargic, It’s Time To Figure Out Why

You know your dog better than anyone, but that doesn’t make it easy to know when she’s not feeling well. She can’t come out and tell you she’s ill, and that leaves you to worry and wonder when something seems “off.” Decreased activity is one of the most common symptoms of canine illness. Commonality, however, doesn’t make it easy to identify or interpret. If your dog is lethargic, there’s always a reason. The trick is knowing what that reason is. … Read more

8 Changes To Expect As Your Dog Becomes A Senior

Our dogs are our family, which means we love them from puppyhood through their senior years. Or, maybe you’re one of those big-hearted rescuers who adopted a mutt who’s already on the mature side. In either case, there are a few things that pet parents should keep in mind in order to keep our dogs as healthy and happy as possible, even as they age. Below, check out 8 changes you can expect as your dog becomes a senior. The … Read more

If Your Dog Is Under Stress, Consider Adding A Probiotic To Their Diet

With a dog bed in every room and no job or obligations to worry over, it’s hard not to be jealous of your dog’s care-free lifestyle. Their lack of responsibility seems blissful, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to stress. Dogs get stressed out just like humans do, and like us, high stress levels can seriously affect their health and well-being. Counting to 10 and meditating won’t work for a stressed-out dog, but adding probiotics to your dog’s diet is … Read more

Can Probiotics Help My Dog’s Stinky Farts?

If your dog can clear an entire room with noxious flatulence, it’s time to do something about the stench. Their extreme gas assaults the senses, and it’s also giving your pup serious tummy troubles. The reason why your dog’s farts are especially nauseating could be due to diet or how fast they eat. Lucky for your sense of smell, dog probiotics are the secret weapon to help stop the stink. Probiotics are microorganisms also known as “good bacteria.” They’re essential … Read more

Why Do Dogs Lick The Air?

A dog’s quirky behavior can be entertaining to watch, and sometimes it’s about nothing more than them expressing a unique personality. Other times, however, there’s an underlying issue leading them to do seemingly strange things. One of those things is licking the air. A dog that licks the air sticks their tongue out of their mouth and appears to lap up imaginary liquid. They’re not licking their lips like how some dogs do after dinner or when they’re nervous—they’re literally … Read more

Does Your Pup Have Missing Hair And Hot Spots? This Nutrient Might Help

You’re used to the shedding, but some dogs suffer from more extreme cases of hair loss. Patches of missing fur on your pup’s chest, belly, shoulders, or legs could mean a number of different things. Infections, irritations, and allergies all cause bald spots, and there’s also the risk of your dog developing painful hot spots. You’ll need to discern the exact cause of the issue to find the most efficient solution, but there’s one nutrient that could help bring back … Read more

How Common Types Of De-Icer Can Hurt Your Dog

While winter wouldn’t be complete without a good snowfall, snowy scenes always come with a fair share of headaches. Keeping roads, driveways, and garden paths clear of snow and ice is an important safety measure, but it also poses potential problems for your dog. Many de-icer products contain hazardous chemicals. For your dog, it’s enough to make them seriously ill, injured, and uncomfortable. The Problem With De-icer The de-icer you depend on each winter does its magic by lowering the … Read more

5 Things Your Senior Dog Needs More Of

As your dog ages, their needs change. They’re still your four-legged best friend, but a general slowing down is inevitable. You can help them through their golden years by keeping them happy and healthy for as long as possible. You’ve gone through the puppy stages and trained an adult dog, and now it’s time to give your senior pup the necessary nutrients, attention, and care. Here are a few things your senior dog needs more of now that he’s getting … Read more

6 Grooming Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy During The Cold, Wet Months

In the winter and spring months, it can be easy to figure there is no point in grooming your dog. You may think: they are inside all the time and therefore “stay clean,” or they just go right back outside and immediately become a mud puppy again. “There’s a common misconception that dogs don’t need to be groomed, or only groomed minimally, over the winter months,” Alyssa Hill, DogTown Groomer, Best Friends Animal Society told iHeartDogs. “The incorrect belief is that a dog’s … Read more

Top 10 Dog Grooming Tips

We all want our dogs to look their best, but having them professionally groomed all the time is not financially feasible for everyone. Brent Lotz, veterinary assistant and dog groomer, gives the following top 10 dog grooming tips to help make your dog look like he just stepped out of the beauty parlor. #1 – Baby Powder Have tangles? Baby powder is your new best friend. Sprinkle it on your dog’s tangles and you will be able to comb them … Read more