10 Times Probiotics Are Especially Beneficial To Your Dog

Up to 80% of a dog’s immune system is located in the gastrointestinal tract, so maintaining digestive health means far more than just preventing upset bellies and loose stools. Probiotics replenish the levels of healthy bacterial flora in the GI tract and prevent the “bad” bacteria from taking over. Dogs with unbalanced flora levels experience digestive problems and are more susceptible to illness. In general, probiotics are a healthy addition to your dog’s diet, no matter the issue – but … Read more

Pica: Why Does My Dog Eat Things He Shouldn’t & What Can I Do About It?

Does your dog eat paper, dirt, poop, rocks, or anything else he shouldn’t? Eating non-food items is referred to as pica, and eating poop specifically is referred to as coprophagia. Apart from being destructive or disgusting, is this behavior dangerous for your dog? Does it indicate an underlying health problem you need to worry about? How do you protect your dog and your home from his unusual eating habits? Let’s explore pica and coprophagia so that you have the information … Read more

Does Your Dog Eat Poop? This Simple Addition To Their Food Bowl Can Make All The Difference

Believe it or not, coprophagia (eating poop) is considered a “natural” behavior in dogs. But natural does not always mean healthy! Dogs that regularly ingest the waste of other animals are at higher risk for intestinal parasites and infectious diseases. This behavior could also indicate an existing medical problem such as a lack of adequate digestive enzymes and intestinal microflora. Many owners trust that commercial pet foods provide all the nutrients their dogs need for proper digestion and overall health. Unfortunately, this … Read more

The Scoop On Dogs Who Eat Poop & What You Can Do To Stop It

As much as we love our dogs, they do have a few less-than-adorable habits. But dogs that drag their butts across the carpet, roll in roadkill, and steal our underwear all pale in comparison to the dreaded poop eaters! Although it is repulsive to humans, coprophagia – the behavior of eating feces – is not only quite common, it is also considered “normal” in the canine world. Luckily, there are ways you can discourage this habit in your pup. In … Read more

If Your Dog Swallows Any Of These 7 Common Household Items, Head To The Vet

Black pug covered in toilet paper and carrying a toilet paper roll

Dogs “see” the world through their noses, and taste is closely tied into their sense of smell. Some veterinarians and animal behaviorists feel that this may be why pups eat items that are most certainly not food. Whether they swallow a dangerous substance out of curiosity, excitement or just by accident, seeking veterinary help quickly can make all the difference. Here are some common materials pups have been known to eat that definitely warrant a visit to the vet. 1. … Read more