Dog Barks At Door To Save Neighbors From House Fire

As many of us know all too well, the Fourth of July is a scary time to be a dog. Firework explosions and crackles frighten our poor confused pups. But beyond just terrorizing the neighborhood dogs, flammable fireworks can harm people too. This July 4th in Tennessee, an improperly disposed of consumer firecracker lit a home on fire. The family slept inside as it burned, unaware of the danger they were in. Fortunately for them, they happened to live next … Read more

Navy Ship Welcomes People And Their Dogs Evacuated By Bush Fires

For hundreds of Australians forced to flee from their burning neighborhoods, evacuating without their dogs could never be an option. They wanted their furry family members with them, safe and loved like always. Fortunately the HMAS Choules Navy ship that sheltered over 1,000 displaced people welcomed their collective 135 dogs aboard as well. Mallacoota is one of the areas hit hardest by the bush fires. Many homes have been destroyed. Cassandra Smith, who vacations annually in the coastal city, boarded … Read more

Pit Bull Alerts Family To House Fire & Begins Dragging The Baby To Safety

Sasha the Pit Bull and baby Masailah have a very special bond. Born just days apart, the pair have spent the past eight months growing up together. So when Sasha sensed impending danger in the form of a rapidly spreading house fire, it’s no wonder her top priority was saving her best friend. Sasha was in the backyard of the Chai family’s Stockton, California home when the frightening scene began to unfold. The neighboring house was engulfed in flame and … Read more

Dog Drags Child Into Kitchen, Then Minutes Later, Mom Sees Why

A very smart, very intuitive dog is being credited with saving the life of a baby and her mother in Ohio earlier this month. Amanda Novak and her 1-year-old daughter, Emma, had just gotten home on the night of November 10 and begun going about their day as usual: Amanda sent her daughter off to play with her toys, and she went to the kitchen. However, their 1 1/2-year-old Australian Shepherd and Rottweiler mix, Harley, was not behaving normally. As … Read more

You Won’t Believe How This Clever Puppy Kept Himself Safe During A House Fire

It’s every pet parent’s worst nightmare: you find out your house has gone up in flames, and you know that your beloved companions are still inside. One family from Apex, North Carolina experienced this terrifying scenario. The family’s dog and puppy were trapped inside their home after it caught on fire. Firefighters were able to rescue the older pooch, but the pup was no where to be found. Then, something amazing happened. Watch the news story below: Once the flames … Read more

Woman Battles Fire & Smoke To Save Her Dog From Engulfed RV

Cassandra Alaire of Atlanta awoke Wednesday morning to a terrifying scene. Her bedroom was engulfed in rapidly spreading flames. After attempting to distinguish the fire, she fled, but soon rushed back in when she realized her dog, Little – who had been sleeping by her side – did not followed her out. Alaire’s boyfriend happened to be walking their other pup at the time and did not witness the ordeal.   Realizing that Little’s escape route was now blocked by … Read more

Firefighters Rescue & Revive Lifeless Dog Pulled From Apartment Fire

This past Tuesday, Los Angeles dog mom, Crystal Lamirande arrived home to an unfolding nightmare. Her apartment building was on fire, and the smoke was too thick for her to save her 10-year-old Bichon/Shih-Tzu mix, Nalu. When firefighters arrived, they not only braved the engulfed building to retrieve Nalu, they spent 20 minutes giving him CPR, refusing to give up until the little dog was revived. Andrew Klein, the firefighter who searched Lamirande’s apartment on all fours, and pulled Nalu … Read more

Man Was Told His Dog Died In A Fire… Hours Later, They Found Him Alive

When Adel Conley’s garage was engulfed in flames, he panicked, knowing his two dogs were trapped inside. One was rescued shortly after firefighters arrived on the scene. The other, he was told, had perished. As Conley watched helplessly while the fire destroyed part of his home, all he could think about was the safety of his beloved pups. “I wanted to get my dogs out, but they wouldn’t let me go in there,” he told Wave 3 News. “I love my dogs.” … Read more

Firefighters Give Their All To Bring This Dog Back To Life

(Warning: the video below may be difficult to watch for some viewers.) This amazing video of a firefighter performing CPR on a dog – and bringing him back to life – has taken the internet by storm. In Romania, an apartment caught fire while its occupants were inside. When the dog was rescued from the blaze, he was unconscious due to smoke inhalation. Watch as this firefighter revives the lifeless dog: Thanks to the quick thinking of these heroes, the pup … Read more

Middle Schooler Runs Off The School Bus To Save His Dog From A House Fire

We have all heard the stories of heroic dogs coming to the aid of their humans during medical emergencies, dangerous situations and disasters. On the morning of December 2 a 14-year-old boy proved that a person’s devotion to their pet can be just as strong when he raced to the aid of his dog Zach during a fire at their home. Mike Assi of Phoenix, Arizona had just boarded the bus when he saw smoke pouring from his house. His … Read more

Senior Dog Refuses To Leave Owner Behind In House Fire & Both Get Rescued

This loyal dog could’ve run to safety when his house was engulfed in flames, but he refused to leave his human. Che is a 14-year-old Lab / Chow mix who was rescued from a shelter by his human in 2003. And when a devastating fire swept through their house recently, he returned the favor, tenfold. When firefighters arrived on the scene, they discovered the homeowner and her dog unconscious inside the house. It looked as if Che had been trying to shield her from … Read more

Dog Gives His Life To Shield 8-Month-Old Baby In House Fire

Most dog owners have no doubt that their pups would give their lives to save a loved one. This brave dog proved this to be true, dying a hero by sacrificing himself to save his family’s 8-month-old baby. Pup Polo and baby Viviana were inside the apartment when mom Erika Poremski stepped outside to her car. But in those moments, flames engulfed the home. The frantic mother rushed toward the door to save her daughter, but the fire was already blazing.   “I tried to keep getting in,” Poremski told CBS News. “She … Read more

Pit Bull Burn Survivor Adopted By The Firefighter Who Saved Him; Now, He’s A Fire Safety Dog!

Jake was only three weeks old when he was rescued from a burning shed. “I noticed there was some smoke coming from my neighbor’s yard,” firefighter Bill Lindler said in an interview with Bored Panda. “The residents were yelling their puppy was in the building. I ran back into my house, grabbed some firefighting gear, and ran across the street.” Luckily, the quick-thinking Lindler was able to save the pit bull puppy–but he still got badly burned. The scorches covered over three-quarters of Jake’s … Read more

Executive Director Of Western PA Humane Society Faces Controversy After She Buys A Purebred Puppy

Joy Braunstein was the Executive Director of the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society (WPHS) for just over a year until a whirlwind of events quickly changed that. After she and her family decided to buy a purebred Collie puppy from a responsible breeder, it was this personal decision she made with her family that resulted in thousands of people rallying for her to resign or be fired. Braunstein allegedly paid $1000 for the Collie puppy (to add to her other rescue dogs at … Read more

Dog Leads Man To Burning House To Save His Dog Friend

In Menasha Wisconsin, a dog who helped save his buddy from their burning home is now being called a hero. The owners of the house weren’t home during the fire; only the two dogs were left at home. The hero dog jumped out of the window from their burning home in East Shady Lane and alerted an employee from the nearby water department. The employee noticed that the dog with no leash was seeking attention. He then looked at the … Read more

Man Heroically Rushes Into Burning House To Save His Dog

If your house was burning and your dog was trapped inside it, would you risk your life to run in and save him? You may have heard the story about the man who got arrested while trying to save his dogs from their burning home, but one man in Australia was able to brave the flames before anyone could stop him. In Rutherford, Australia, a man named Mark Woodbury went for a quick trip to the store. When he got back … Read more

Elderly Woman Saved From Fire, Thanks To The Neighbors’ Dog!

Dogs are not only great companions, they’re also amazing security guards. They keep us company and at the same time, warn us of any potential danger. And to top that, it turns out they also make good fire alarms, too! An elderly woman was pulled out from her burning home by her neighbors in the middle of the night. At 11 o’clock, the 67-year-old woman was sleeping in her living room when she woke up to a massive fire. She … Read more