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6 Dog Breeds With An Exceptional Sense Of Smell

There are no real studies that determine which dog breeds, if any, have the “best” sense of smell. All dogs have an incredible ability to detect scents that would be impossible for humans to trace. With that said, what we’re focusing on for this list is the dog breeds most commonly used in the detection fields. You’ll find these breeds hunting, performing search and rescue in the wilderness, over water, and in urban areas, finding weapons, drugs, sniffing out bed … Read more

10 Dog Breeds That Are Prone To Cancer

There are as many different dog breeds as there are personal lifestyles, so it’s no wonder that some people are particularly fond of a certain type of dog. Unfortunately, many breeds (including mixed breeds) are prone to certain health issues, including types of cancers. Below are 10 dog breeds that tend to be prone to this disease. While the list is by no means extensive – and it’s possible for any dog to get cancer – the more you know, the more you can … Read more

7 Dog Breeds That Require Little Grooming

  Generally speaking, all dogs require some grooming. Some, however, need quite a bit more than others. With so many dog breeds in the world, we can find pretty much anything we’re looking for – from hairless dogs to dogs with dreads. Some breeds do just fine with a bath every once in a while and others need regular brushing, clipping, and blow-drying. This can take quite a bit of extra time and money, so if you’re looking to avoid … Read more

12 Dog Breeds That Like People More Than Dogs

Some dogs are so social they’ll befriend anyone, no matter the species. But while many owners prefer a dog that will run freely at dog parks and interact with other pups at doggy daycare, others want a more solitary dog that enjoys the company of humans over other animals. Whatever the reason, we’ve compiled a list here of dogs that would rather hang out with people than other dogs. (Of course, all dogs are individuals, but there are some breeds … Read more