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How Much Omega-3 Should I Give My Dog? Fish Oil For Dogs

From the shine of their fur coat to the way their joints help them move around, you want your pup to look and feel their best, because you know it’s a reflection of their health. Fish Oil for dogs or krill oil for dogs – both can contribute key omega-3 fatty acids that they need. Chronic health issues including joint pain and itchy skin negatively impact your dog’s quality of life, but a dietary supplement of omega-3 fatty acids with … Read more

7 Reasons You Should Start Your Dog On A Krill Supplement

All marine oils are not created equal. While supplements derived from salmon and cod oils are rich in essential fatty acids, they lack natural antioxidants and are at risk for contamination. Krill supplements for dogs are a safer, highly renewable way to deliver the Omega-3 fatty acids your dog needs to maintain healthy skin, a shiny coat, strong joints, and a powerful immune system. Here are 7 important reasons you should be giving your dog a krill supplement. 1. Krill … Read more

4 Reasons You Should Be Giving Your Dog A Krill Supplement

The benefits of fish oil for dogs are well known.  It’s known to be great for skin and joint health. Did you know that krill has even more benefits for your dog than fish oil? Let’s take a look at 4 reasons you should be giving your dog a krill supplement. You might be surprised at all the benefits your dog has been missing out on! #1 – It improves your dog’s overall health Krill has a variety of different … Read more

How To Feed Your Dog’s Brain

Just like humans, dogs can suffer a decline in mental health as they age. Sometimes, they can even decline into cognitive dysfunction syndrome, a condition which is similar to Alzheimer’s disease. Luckily, there are many ways to help keep your dog’s mind sharp, even as he ages. The sooner you implement some of the things on this list, the more likely it is you can reduce your dog’s cognitive decline as he ages. Now that dogs are living longer lives, … Read more

Why Are So Many People Giving Krill Oil To Their Dogs?

Have you heard the buzz about krill oil? You’re probably familiar with many of the benefits of fish oil. What if I told you that krill oil has those same benefits and then some? Here are 10 benefits of krill oil that can improve the quality of your dog’s life. #1 – Has less mercury than salmon oil Krill is a small crustacean similar to shrimp that‘s the primary food source for the largest animals on earth – whales. Since krill … Read more

6 Solutions For Your Dog’s Dry Coat & Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body and the very first sign of health you see when you look at a dog. Pups with shiny, lustrous coats just give off an air of wellness compared to those with dull, flaky, brittle hair and skin. Not only is dry skin unsightly, it’s also itchy and uncomfortable for your dog. Although soothing baths can help, healthy skin really starts from within with proper vitamins and nutrition. If you find yourself … Read more