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Why Are So Many People Giving Krill Oil To Their Dogs?

| Published on April 19, 2017

Have you heard the buzz about krill oil?

You’re probably familiar with many of the benefits of fish oil. What if I told you that krill oil has those same benefits and then some? Here are 10 benefits of krill oil that can improve the quality of your dog’s life.

#1 – Has less mercury than salmon oil

Image source: Andrea Pokrzywinski via flickr

Krill is a small crustacean similar to shrimp that‘s the primary food source for the largest animals on earth – whales. Since krill is lower down the food chain than salmon, it’s less likely to absorb mercury and other heavy metals, toxins, and pollutants.

#2 – Higher absorption rate than fish oil.

Image source: PAL LTER via flickr

Krill oil contains phospholipids, which are tiny packets of fatty acids that are the building blocks for your dog’s cellular membranes. This allows the fatty acids to easily pass through your dog’s intestinal wall cell membrane. This leads to a higher absorption rate.

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#3 – Improves skin and coat

Image source: vlowe_ktm via flickr

Fat supplements in general and krill oil in particular reduce dander and shedding and promote healthy skin and coats. It may also reduce the itching, redness, and hotspots caused by chronic allergies.

#4 – DHA helps older dogs stay sharp

Image source: Robb Hannawacker via flickr

Krill oil contains Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which studies suggest helps older dogs stay more alert, remember more, and retain the ability to stay sharp. DHA given to mother dogs during gestation and lactation is shown to improve the neurological development of puppies.

#5 – Sustainable food source

Image source: PAL LTER via flickr

Krill is among the species with the largest total biomass. They reproduce quickly and are at less risk for overfishing than other fish species. Krill is much more sustainable than most other seafood.

#6 – More concentrated than other fish oils

Image source: Health Gauge via flickr

Since krill oil is more concentrated and more easily absorbed than other fish oils, your dog only needs about one fifth the amount.

#7 – Helps reduce joint pain

IMage source: keri. via flickr

Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) is a powerful anti-inflammatory that may help reduce joint pain, especially in dogs with arthritis. It also fights dry skin and noses as well as cracked skin on the pads of the feet.

#8 – Aids in brain and liver function

Image source: Erik Drost via flickr

Krill oil assists with the absorption of carnitine from the digestive tract. Carnitine is essential for mitochondrial function, which supplies the brain and liver with energy.

#9 – Contains antioxidants

Image source: Camera Eye Photography via flickr

The natural antioxidant protection in krill oil helps to guard against the oxidation of Omega-3 fatty acids and damage from free radicals.

#10 – Promotes cardiovascular health

image source: Norlando Pobre via flickr

While not proven to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, there is evidence that it can help lower cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure, which helps keep your pooch’s heart healthy.


As pet parents ourselves, and also concerned about the lack of Omega-3’s in most canine diets, the team at iHeartDogs recently spent over a year working with a holistic vet to develop our own line of krill oil based Omega 3-6-9 soft chews. We can honestly say we believe this is the most complete formula on the market today. And even better, it’s the only product that also helps shelter dogs!

Learn More About the Happy, Healthy Krill Oil for Dogs

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(Sources: Dr. Mercola, iHeartDogs)

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