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9 Dog Breeds That Are Predisposed To Joint Problems

While any dog can get joint problems, because of genetic predisposition and body build, some breeds are more likely to develop these kinds of issues. Although all pup parents should watch for signs of joint pain or immobility, especially as their dogs age, certain breeds are more likely to develop joint issues. When purchasing a puppy, find out if the parents – or pups in any of their other litters – have ever shown signs of joint issues, like hip dysplasia. If your dog is already … Read more

How Digestive Enzymes Can Help Your Dog’s Tummy Troubles

Thanks to technological advances, pet parents have the option to conveniently feed their pups pre-packaged food rather than having them hunt for meals themselves. While this makes life easier for us and our domesticated friends, there’s one small issue: prepared foods don’t contain all the digestive enzymes that they need for a balanced and healthy gut. What are digestive enzymes? According to Dr. Karen Becker in an article by Mercola Healthy Pets, these are the four major digestive enzymes: Protease – … Read more

A Leading Veterinarian Calls This “The Supplement Most Needed By Your Pet”

There are so many supplements being marketed toward dogs these days. How can you possibly know which one or ones are the best for your dog? While each dog has his own health, nutrition, and supplemental needs that you should discuss with your vet before adding supplements to your dog’s diet, one veterinarian believes that nearly every dog in the country would benefit from one supplement in particular. Which one would that be? Read on to find out! Dr. Karen … Read more

4 Natural Sources For Glucosamine – And Why Your Dog Needs It

You may have heard of glucosamine, especially if you have an older dog. Perhaps you’ve seen the word written in bold on supplement bottles and special kibble formulas. But what is this compound, and what can it do for your pooch? And where can you find the best glucosamine product for your dog? Glucosamine actually refers to the combination of glucose and glutamine, a simple sugar and an amino acid respectively, and it helps build cartilage and tissue in your … Read more

Why Are So Many People Giving Krill Oil To Their Dogs?

Have you heard the buzz about krill oil? You’re probably familiar with many of the benefits of fish oil. What if I told you that krill oil has those same benefits and then some? Here are 10 benefits of krill oil that can improve the quality of your dog’s life. #1 – Has less mercury than salmon oil Krill is a small crustacean similar to shrimp that‘s the primary food source for the largest animals on earth – whales. Since krill … Read more

6 Natural Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Coat & Reduce Shedding

We love how dogs come in so many different shapes and sizes. There are short and long-haired pups, some with curls, and some that shed so much, you could spin it into yarn and knit a sweater! But despite all the different types of canine coats, one thing is for sure: soft, shiny fur is the picture of health, plus it’s extra tempting to touch! Luckily, it’s easy to keep your pup’s fur in tip-top shape. Here are 6 natural ways to … Read more